My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 31: look for a job

After breakfast, Gray Egg and Rhubarb put on their clothes, changed their shoes and were about to go out. When he was putting on his shoes, Chen Qi walked over and said, "After I find a job, bring it back and let me see if it fits."

After Huidan agreed, he and Rhubarb got on the bus. After a few stops, he got off the bus and walked for about 5 minutes to the talent market.

It was only about 9:30, Huidan saw the crowd at the entrance of the talent market from a distance, and exchanged a surprised look with Da Huang.

There are so many people looking for jobs.

Entering the market with a hint of apprehension, perhaps the ears on top of Grey Egg and Rhubarb's head and the tail behind them indicate their identities, attracting the attention of several recruiters in the market.

However, after inquiring about the two, they declined because of their educational background or work experience.

There were two other jobs with no restrictions on education and work experience, but Huidan voluntarily rejected them because the office location was out of town.

"Actually, I think the job just now was okay, why didn't you go, Huidan?" Rhubarb was a little puzzled.

Huidan explained: "Aqi doesn't want my work place to be too far from home. We had a fight over this before."

Da Huang snorted and stopped talking. In fact, he didn't care how far his work was from home. It was just that he lived at Chen Qi's house for the past few days. In addition to being unaccustomed and still sad, staying at home every day was boring.

So when Huidan proposed to look for a job, Rhubarb agreed without much thought.

The talent market is divided into circles, and Huidan and Rhubarb go back and forth several times in it. Several of my favorite jobs either work in other places or require frequent business trips.

At the end of the job fair, the two chose two more suitable units and left their job application forms.

"You go home and wait for the call. If there is a call, you will be notified to go to work." The recruiter who received the registration form said coldly.

Rhubarb politely nodded to the recruiter, and left the job fair and the two walked towards home.

Chen Qi has been restless since Gray Egg went out in the morning, and the documents in his laptop always stayed on the first grid.

Just when he heard the sound of the key being locked from the door, Chen Qi trotted to the door in a panic.

As soon as the door opened, Chen Qi couldn't wait to ask how Huidan was doing.

After Huidan and Dahuang glanced at each other, they handed Chen Qi two A4 sheets with text on them.

On the paper are the introductions of the takeaway brother and a worker in an electronics factory, as well as job requirements.

"Can you only find these two?" Looking at the introduction on the paper, Chen Qi was not very satisfied.

Both jobs have longer working hours.

"We've been looking for a long time, only these two jobs are suitable for us." Rhubarb said in a low voice.

Although Huidan's expression was not as obvious as that of Rhubarb, Chen Qi could see that his mood was very low.

After reading the introduction on the paper for a while, Chen Qi said, "The job of delivery boy is okay, but you need to bring your own motorcycle."

"Forget it." Huidan refused without thinking, and Rhubarb also nodded in support of Huidan's words.

Putting aside the question of buying a motorcycle, no one in this house can drive a motorcycle.

The second job does not require you to bring your own motorcycle, but the working hours are too long. You need to work 10 hours a day, and a two-shift work system is implemented, which means that you work from night to day.

Just as Chen Qi was about to refuse, he looked up, and the two of them seemed to be sitting in a courtroom with serious expressions, as if they were waiting for the judge's final verdict.

Chen Qi was helpless, and she couldn't bear to say any more words of rejection, and sighed: "If the second job wants you, then you go."

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Qi saw Huidan's eyes suddenly light up, and Rhubarb's tense body relaxed.

"I haven't been notified yet, so happy"

Huidan stood up from the sofa and said lightly, "Aqi, are you hungry or not, I'll cook."

After wagging his tail, he entered the kitchen, and Rhubarb followed in the footsteps of Gray Egg.

Probably the electronics factory has been short of people recently, and they only ate half of their lunch. Rhubarb and Huidan received calls from the electronics factory recruiters one after the other, asking them to go to a place tomorrow for a physical examination. After the physical examination, they can enter the factory.

"This job is really easy." Chen Qi murmured.

At night, when Gray Egg was about to turn off the lights, Chen Qi suddenly got up: "Tomorrow, I'll accompany you to the medical examination."

Gray Egg froze for a moment and agreed.

Da Huang didn't know Chen Qi's decision. Da Huang was lying on the bed at the moment, holding a flat backpack in his arms.

Since arriving at Chen Qi's house, it has become a habit to carry this backpack to sleep. This bag was bought by my grandfather for Da Huang to study.

In the unlit bedroom, Da Huang hugged his backpack tightly and turned to face inward.

Suddenly, Da Huang felt that he had been stunned.

Turning on the light, Rhubarb sat up and curiously opened the outermost layer of the backpack.

Unzip the zipper to reveal two keys and a thin red hardcover notebook.

What is this

Rhubarb couldn't remember when he put it in. After thinking about it, drowsiness came, and Da Huang turned off the light and fell asleep.

On the second day, after Chen Qi and the three of them got up, they didn't even eat breakfast because they had to draw blood for the physical examination, so they went to the place designated by the electronics factory to gather early.

Although it was only around 7:00 in the morning, the gathering place was already full of people preparing for the medical examination.

Chen Qi stood outside and waited for Huidan and the others to get the medical examination form. After Huidan came with the medical examination form, Chen Qi accompanied them to the medical examination.

The first item was to draw blood. After 10 minutes of queuing, it was finally Gray Egg's turn.

Sitting on the chair with no expression, Huidan listened to the nurse's words and rolled up his sleeves, and the nurse stabbed the needle into the flesh without saying a word.

Chen Qi, who wanted to cover Huidan's eyes with his hands, saw that Graybelt was so calm and calm, and his half-lifted hand only lay empty on Huidan's shoulders.

For a moment, Chen Qi was overwhelmed with emotion.

After the blood is drawn, the physical examination items are very simple, nothing more than basic physical examination items such as height measurement and weight measurement.

However, because there were too many people coming for the entry medical examination, it was almost 11:00 after Huidan and Rhubarb had done all the medical examinations.

After Huidan and Rhubarb handed in the medical form, they saw Chen Qi beckoning to him as soon as they walked out of the room with two cartons of milk.

"You eat this before you have breakfast, and eat outside at noon."

The leader of the three is Chen Qi. No matter what he says, Huidan always agrees, and when he sees Huidan nodding Rhubarb, he just nods.

Perhaps because of the gray eggs and egg yolks, the physical fitness was good, and the two received notices of passing the medical examination and working hours that afternoon.

That day, in the bedroom at night.

"Grey egg..."


"Grey egg..."

"Well, what's wrong with Aqi?" Huidan moved his body down a little so that he could better hold Chen Qi in his arms.

After a while, I heard a muffled voice coming from the person in my arms.

"If I say I don't want you to go to work, will you be angry?" Chen Qi's voice became smaller and smaller, so that in the last sentence, Huidan only heard the word angry.

"Why should I be angry?" Gray Egg answered as it should be.

Chen Qi sat up in surprise and looked at Gray Egg's face full of trust. His ears were red and he fell back into Gray Egg's arms, his hands tightly wrapping Gray Egg's neck.

"I was talking nonsense just now, go ahead."

Hearing the muffled voice again, Hui Dan couldn't help laughing, and then gently kissed Chen Qi's face.

And then kissed a lot more.

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