"Rhubarb seems to be wiping tears."

Closing the bedroom door gently, Chen Qi got into the bed and talked about the scene he saw when he brought the blanket to Da Huang.

Huidan took Chen Qi's shoulders and let her lean into his arms.

With a long sigh, Huidan said in a low voice, "I can't figure it out either. I didn't go to Grandpa Liu for a few days, and he died."

By the end of the words, Gray Egg's voice was a little choked.

Chen Qi comfortably squeezed Gray Egg's hand and said, "Yeah, those who were fine yesterday will die if they say they die."

Rhubarb's sad look reminded Chen Qi of how he felt when he just learned that his parents had an accident. For a time, the two of them leaned on each other and did not speak, only the sadness permeated.

Chen Qi sniffed and let out a long sigh of relief to vent the tightness in his chest.

"Does Gray Egg have any impression of his parents?" Chen Qi was suddenly curious.

This question made the gray egg stunned. Memories of parents, siblings, seem to be from a previous life.

Gray Egg began to try hard to recall, only vaguely remember the scene when he was always squeezed by his brothers and sisters to breastfeed, not to mention any impression of the parents who gave birth to him.

Seeing that Huidan shook his head blankly and said he didn't remember, Chen Qi regretted the question he asked and hugged Huidan tightly.

Gray Egg lightly raised the corners of his mouth and said, "After all, I couldn't understand what family was at that time. When I understood it, it was my affection for Aqi."

In this sad night, a touch of warmth filled Chen Qi's heart. Gray Egg followed the hair of the person in his arms, Chen Qi squinted and lay quietly in Gray Egg's arms.

Just when Chen Qi was about to fall asleep, he suddenly sat up.

"Let's tidy up the other room tomorrow."

"Huh?!" Gray Egg was surprised. He knew that the room was where A Qi's parents lived. In order to miss the parents who had left, things in the room were never allowed to be tampered with.

Chen Qi looked directly at the gray eggs and his eyes gradually firmed, "I have been running away since my parents left. It seems that the things in the house are still the same if they don't move. I have been thinking about cleaning up the house again these days, and... Rhubarb can't always sleep on the sofa."

For Chen Qi's idea, Huidan has always been extremely supportive.

The two remained warm for a while, and when they noticed that Chen Qi was yawning, Gray Egg softly urged Chen Qi to sleep.

Gray Egg flattened the pillow and let Chen Qi lie down, but within a minute Chen Qi fell into a deep sleep.

In the dark bedroom, Gray Egg propped his head.

Looking at A Qi's face next to him through the faint city lights outside the window.

Huidan silently considered the matter of finding a job. Since Aqi is planning to work hard for this small family, should he also plan for the future of the two of them?

Just as he was thinking hard, his sensitive ears heard a slight movement in the living room.

Gray Egg got up and walked to the living room to turn on a small light, and Da Huang was crying silently while hugging the blanket.

"Have you not slept yet?"

Out of the corner of his eyes, Da Huang saw a gray egg, and hurriedly buried his head in the blanket. Hearing Gray Egg asking himself softly, Da Huang shook his head and still refused to look up.

There was no rush to say something to comfort Rhubarb, but Huidan talked about what happened when he went to Grandpa Liu's house before.

"Actually, grandpa told me about you before, probably... by then he knew that his health was not good."

The rhubarb in the blanket slowly raised his head, and the tears on his face were clearly visible under the dim light.

"Grandpa... what did you say to me?"

Rhubarb knows what Huidan said, when Huidan came to look for himself to find a job. Grandpa let himself outside the bedroom that day, while he and Gray Egg were in the house and said something.

"He wants you not to be too sad, and he wants me to take care of you more."

It turned out that grandpa deliberately let gray eggs in was his last request. It turned out that grandpa had already planned to...

Rhubarb's heart was twisted together, and the tears slipped down the wet tears again.

Gray Egg raised his hand and squeezed Rhubarb's shoulder, giving him silent comfort.

"You... go to bed earlier, and tomorrow we will vacate A Qi's parents' room, and you will sleep in that room in the future. These are what A Qi means."

After speaking, Huidan got up and prepared to go back to the bedroom. The moment he opened the door, Huidan suddenly turned around and frowned slightly: "Grandpa also said that I hope you don't feel too sad, crying too much is bad for your health..."

Looking at the closed bedroom door, Da Huang held the backpack beside him tightly in his arms. There are not only his own clothes, but also the relics left by his grandfather.

This is the last precious thing that Grandpa left to him. Grandpa also asked himself to keep these things when he was parting.

Rhubarb sat with his backpack in his arms for a while, then slowly got up and turned off the light, then opened the blanket and lay on the sofa with the backpack around him.

On the second day, Chen Qi was rarely awakened by the movement of the gray egg who entered the room, and the first sentence he said was to ask how Rhubarb was.

"He's already having breakfast, Aqi, do you want to get up?"

Chen Qi rubbed his eyes, turned his head and buried himself in the bedding and gave a vague response, then suddenly remembered and said, "I have to clean up the room next door."

So Chen Qi yawned and sat up against the head of the bed.

Knowing that this was Chen Qi's habit when he woke up, Huidan immediately took a bowl of eight-treasure porridge and put it on the table, and Chen Qi came out with a yawn about eight minutes later.

The sweet porridge was put into his mouth, and Chen Qi said, "Grey Egg will have breakfast later, clean up that room, Da Huang, you can sleep in that room in the future."


Although he had already heard the news from Huidan last night, Rhubarb still felt embarrassed.

"Don't think too much and eat well." Gray Egg comforted Rhubarb appropriately.

Taking comfort from Huidan, Rhubarb was silent for a while and then said thank you to Chen Qi in a low voice.

Rhubarb's current appearance is not as cheerful as Chen Qi's when he first met him, but Chen Qi feels the same way because he has experienced the great grief of the death of his relatives.

After the three of them had breakfast, Chen Qi walked to the dusty bedroom door and put his hand on the door handle.

"Aqi." Gray Egg whispered worriedly.

Chen Qi fixedly glanced at Huidan and opened the wooden door with a heavy heart.

As soon as the door opened, a slight musty smell rushed into Chen Qi's nose. Chen Qi covered his nose halfway and looked at the dark bedroom where the curtains were not drawn.

The first thing Chen Qi did when he entered the room was to open the curtains. After many years, the room was finally bright. In the bright light of the day, everything is clear in the house.

Chen Qi had never moved the furnishings in the room, and even the half-opened cigarette case on the dressing table kept the position where the owner moved it for the last time in his life.

But the room was covered with thick dust on both the floor and the bed, silently talking about the passage of time.

Chen Qi fanned the dust floating under her nose. She thought that she would be very reluctant to give up on this decision, but now she was very calm looking at the dust in the room, without a trace of turbulence.

"Grey egg, go get some big bags." Chen Qi said decisively without hesitation.

Soon Huidan brought two large black garbage bags. Chen Qi took the bags and blew a sigh of relief. After shaking again, he said, "Huidan, you put away the bedding and put on a new one. Bar."

Gray Egg nodded without a word, rolled up his sleeves and started to clean up the dusty bed and sheets. Chen Qi took his pocket and started to pack up some things in the house that could be thrown away.

Da Huang looked left and right and silently went to get the broom and dustpan to clean the ground. The three of them were busy around the house for a whole day before cleaning the house.

The house was replaced with new sheets and quilt covers, the floor was also bright, and everything in the dresser and wardrobe was cleaned out.

Those belonging to Chen Qi's parents were divided into two categories, some could be thrown away, and a small part was put in a box by Chen Qi as a souvenir for his parents.

After taking the big bag and the small bag that he was carrying when he came into the bedroom, Da Huang's eyes were faintly red and his voice trembled, and he said, "Thank you so much, Gray Egg, I didn't know who to go to when I was kicked out by them, and it took me a long time to come. Looking for you, I didn't expect that you would really take me in..."

"Rhubarb, you can stay at our house with peace of mind. You and Huidan are both classmates and good friends, and Grandpa Liu was so good to Huidan during his lifetime." Seeing that Rhubarb was emotionally unstable, Chen Qi comforted Rhubarb and made him feel at ease. Live in your own home.

Hui Dan also sat next to Da Huang and patted his shoulder: "Aqi is right, don't think too much and live with us, I think grandpa will be at ease."

Perhaps hearing that he was touched by the word grandfather, Da Huang nodded and wiped the corners of his eyes. The red eyes were much better now.

No one spoke in the bedroom for a while, Da Huang sat on the bed staring blankly at the ground, seeing this scene Chen Qi and Hui Dan looked at each other worriedly.


Rhubarb has been living in the house for more than three days. Although there is one more person in the house, sometimes Chen Qi can't even feel Rhubarb's existence. Rhubarb always gets up early every day to do housework with Huidan, and sits silently on the sofa when he is done, or sits in a daze beside his bedroom bed.

Rhubarb's silent and lost soul made Chen Qi and Huidan worry about his state.

In the bedroom late at night, Da Huang had already fallen asleep. Only in his dreams could he see his grandfather.

Chen Qi and Huidan were leaning against the bedside and whispering.

"Actually, I can understand Rhubarb's current state very well, but..." Chen Qi said while subconsciously ravaging the gray eggs' furry ears, perhaps because the gray eggs have a much better appetite, and the furry ears are shiny and smooth to the touch. Feels very good.

Huidan lay down a little so that Chen Qi could touch his ears, but he wanted to say something that he had been thinking about for a long time, and suddenly Huidan responded and said, "Where's Aqi? How long did Aqi cry before?"

Chen Qi moved with a puzzled expression on his face, and a second later he realized that Huidan was asking about the time when his parents died.

Shaking his head, Chen Qi gently squeezed Gray Egg's hairy ears and said, "I don't remember, I just felt like the sky was about to collapse during that time."

"Aqi..." Huidan immediately sat up and hugged Chen Qi into his arms. Chen Qi took advantage of the situation to lie in Huidan's arms. This was the most comfortable action for her.

"I'll take him to find a job!" Gray Egg suddenly said.

Hearing this, Chen Qi frowned slightly.

"Going out to find something to do, Rhubarb might be in a better mood when he's busy." Seeing Chen Qi's expression, Gray Egg hurriedly explained.

Hearing what Huidan said, Chen Qi's frowning brows eased. Some time ago, the two had a big fight because of their job search, and Chen Qi could not forget it for a long time.

However, this suggestion from Huidan might help Rhubarb come out of the sadness of Grandpa Liu's passing, and Chen Qi agreed with Huidan's expectant gaze.

"But I have a few requests that you must agree to me." Chen Qi said this almost unreasonably with certainty.

Aqi's serious expression made Huidan also nodded solemnly.

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