Chapter 17 Zongmen Distribution

   After thanking for a while, the two brothers said goodbye.

   Cheng Buzheng sighed in his heart as he walked towards the tower gate.

   "People are in the rivers and lakes, and they can't help themselves... But the true value of this Lingshi flower!"

   Step inside the tower.

   Cheng did not contend that the space inside the tower was much larger than what he saw from the outside.

  In the iron tower space on the first floor, the surrounding walls are made of dark metal, like black iron in the world.

   But if you look closely, you will find out.

  On the dark metal wall, its texture is like rune lines, as if it was born in the dark metal, with a faint light, and you can't find this special thing without careful observation.

The rows of bookshelves are arranged in a random and orderly manner. There are all kinds of recorded items on the bookshelves, such as jade slips, animal skins, jade boards, books, bamboo slips, metal plates, etc. There are all kinds of them. Have.

And in the southeast corner, there is a stairway, which is the entrance to the second floor. There is the place leading to the inheritance of the sect. There are a lot of spells, formulas, pills, refining bans, formation diagrams, etc. .

The higher the Buddhist scripture tower is, the more precious the skills and spells are placed inside. The highest level contains the patriarchal formula. It is not known to him as a small Qi training level monk. 'Learned within.

   To enter each floor, a corresponding identity is required. For example, outer disciples can only enter the first and second floors, and the third floor is not accessible to outer disciples.

  At this moment, Cheng Buzheng, as an outer disciple, entered the second floor of the Buddhist scripture tower at most.

  As for the first floor of the Buddhist scripture tower, which is the place under his feet, the books on this floor can be viewed in full for free, but this floor is equivalent to the detailed version of the "Cultivation of Immortals Encyclopedia".

  If you expect to find a book of spells or spells inside, it is like finding water sources in the desert. However, there are many newcomers who are lucky enough to get some opportunities at this level, so that the journey of immortality will be smooth.

  The books on the first floor are mostly about the local customs, the appearance and living habits of various monsters, illustrations of various elixir and their growth environment, the value and different functions of various elixir mines.

   This is also what he lacks at present. Now he knows too little about the world of cultivating immortals.

  Cheng Buzheng glanced at it, but didn't look at it immediately, but walked along the corridor between the bookshelves to the southeast corner, at the head of the stairs.

  Heavy footsteps stepped on the wooden stairs, spreading through the first and second floors of the silent library tower.

"Da da."

  Less pour.

  Cheng Buzheng came to the second floor, and saw an old man with gray hair, wearing a school-style black robe, sitting on the rocking chair in the counter with his eyes closed, looking quite leisurely.

  Cheng Buzheng did not sense a little spiritual pressure from him, just like an ordinary old man, but he knew that he was definitely not a simple old man.

  Judging from the martial arts clothing alone, one can tell that this person is a monk of the foundation-building stage of the master-uncle generation, and it is very likely that his cultivation level is higher than that of Master Ding, who is in charge of recruiting apprentices.

  He didn't have the slightest intention of being negligent. It seemed that the uncle was closing his eyes and resting his mind, but in fact, his every move was within the monitoring range of the uncle's spiritual consciousness.

  Cheng Buzheng hastily stepped forward two steps, with a solemn face, saluted respectfully, and said:

   "New entry disciple Cheng Buzheng, meet my uncle!"

   Heard the words.

  The rocking chair stops suddenly, don't shake. The uncle lying on the rocking chair opened his cloudy eyes, glanced at Cheng Buzheng, and said expressionlessly.

   "New disciples can only choose for free, two low-level first-level spells, you go!"

  Cheng Buzheng suddenly felt that he was being stared at by a ferocious beast, and the hairs all over his body stood on end, as if he was about to encounter a catastrophe.

   After speaking, the uncle closed his eyes again, and the rocking chair started to sway again.

  Cheng Buzheng saluted respectfully again, and then slowly withdrew.

   Low key, low key, low key,

  This is the basic principle, the way he started doing things, the methods and methods, and everything is for the rise of the great cause of longevity.

  After Cheng Buzheng walked away, the old man on the rocking chair opened his cloudy eyes again, glanced at the direction of Cheng Buzheng, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then closed his eyes again to rest his mind, as if all this was an illusion.

  Cheng Buzheng discovered that in the second floor of the library tower, all the words were neatly recorded in the jade slips, which looked quite pleasing to the eye.

  Looking at the rows of bookshelves, Cheng Buzheng walked in the corridor between the bookshelves and came to the spell area.

  He picked up a piece of jade slip, which recorded a first-level high-grade spell "Fire Dragon Art", but unfortunately he couldn't read all of it, only the beginning part, which recorded the general information of this spell.

  If you want to watch the full content, you need to go to the uncle to lift the ban, so that you can see the whole content.

Walking in the magic area, Cheng Buzheng kept picking up the jade slips of spells to watch, such as "Fireball", "Water Archery", "Golden Needle", "Sword Qi", "Earth Dungeon", "Amethyst Cutting" , "Desolate Palace Sword".

Cheng Buzheng saw many powerful spells, but he couldn't afford any of them. The cheapest first-level low-level spells needed ten spirit stones, while first-level mid-level spells needed fifty spirit stones, and first-level top-level spells needed 50 spirit stones. The spell is even more expensive and requires a hundred spirit stones.

  The power of spells is stronger than the other, and the price is also more expensive than the other, so that the poor man has the urge to turn around and leave.

  If it wasn't for the sect to let him choose two spells for free, he wouldn't be able to afford a single spell.

  Cheng Buzheng gave up his unrealistic ideas, and carefully selected two spells that were more suitable for him.

   "Desolate Palace Sword", "Amethyst Cut", among them, "Desolate Palace Sword" is not only powerful, but also one of the few spells at the same level that can confront it. It can be said to be a sharp weapon for killing enemies.

   "Amethyst Cutting", this spell can refine the essence of spirits to support one's body, as the more essences of spirits are swallowed, its power will also increase, until it reaches the limit.

  The two spells are very suitable for Cheng Buzheng's mind. After careful comparison, Cheng Buzheng still chose "Amethyst Cut", because "Amethyst Cut" is a powerful spell that integrates attack, defense, and control.

  In the case of not many spirit stones, this choice is the best, and there will be no obvious disadvantages. Although it is not as good as a specialization, he still has the golden finger of Xiaodie.

  The other one is of course "Earth Dungeon". In order to achieve longevity, he must keep a useful body. This spell is definitely a life-saving weapon among low-level spells.

  Although "Earth Dungeon" is easy to get started, there are not many people who have reached the stage of small completion, let alone the state of great completion and perfection. The more you practice, the more difficult it will be.

  After choosing the spell, he went shopping on the second floor again. Although he couldn't afford it, he still wanted to gain a little more knowledge. Now he is very short of supplements of various knowledge.

   Half a day later.

I went through all the jade slips, there are tens of thousands of jade slips, because I can only read the first part, so I can read it quickly, and don't worry that he will forget it after reading it. Immortal cultivators are not comparable to ordinary people .

  Even now, Cheng Buzheng can silently write the novels he read in his previous life. It is enough to see the abnormality of the memory of the cultivator.

  (end of this chapter)

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