My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 7: Teaching success

Wang Ya, who had just left the unit door, was walking towards the community door.

In the community, several dogs were playing with each other, and their owners were chatting hotly.

This scene reminded Wang Ya inexplicably of an event from a long time ago.

That day, Wang Ya happened to pass by Chen Qi's community while doing business, and she suddenly called to ask if she was at home.

It happened that Chen Qi said that she was walking the gray eggs downstairs, so Wang Ya happily went to Chen Qi.

Just after entering the community and walking a few steps, Wang Ya saw a group of dog walkers gathered to chat not far away.

Wang Ya thought that Chen Qi might be here, she carefully looked for Chen Qi in the crowd, but found nothing.

Just when she was about to call to ask where Chen Qi was, Wang Ya happened to see her under a tree 50 meters away from the crowd.

The woman who bowed her head thinking about something and the dog next to her, the liveliness not far away and them seemed to be two worlds.

At this time, a yellow Chinese pastoral dog ran over with its tail wagging, turning around in front of the gray egg, and occasionally sniffing the gray egg carefully.

However, Huidan tilted his head to be close to his master. Chen Qi also gently pulled Huidan's leash and walked a few steps away, but the big yellow dog didn't give up, and continued to 'harass' Huidan unremittingly.

This scene left a deep impression on Wang Ya's mind. It was the loneliness that Chen Qi always felt.

Although Huidan didn't show too much intelligence today, the appearance of clinging to Chen Qi was the same as usual.

Although Chen Qi didn't believe that Huidan could stay by her side forever, Wang Ya somehow felt that Huidan, who had become a human, had something to do with Chen Qi.

"Oh, do I have to prepare the red envelope in advance?" In the next second, Wang Ya began to laugh at herself for being too impatient.

Here, Wang Ya is thinking wildly.

The gray eggs at home were sitting obediently, with their hands on their laps like kindergarten children.

He frowned and wanted to scream, but he didn't dare to. In the end, he felt a little pain and made a 'woo'.

And because his lower jaw was pinched, Chen Qi sounded like an "um~" sound.

"Why are you screaming so loudly?" Chen Qi threw the used tissue in the trash can, went to the bathroom to get a wet towel, and continued to wipe the dry oil stains on Gray Egg's face.

Chen Qi carefully examined whether there were any traces of oil on Huidan's face, and thought about his friend's teaching about food temptation.

But considering that Gray Egg has already eaten, is it feasible to tempt him with biscuits now?

Chen Qi put down the wet towel and trotted into the kitchen to take out the biscuits hidden in the refrigerator, shaking the packaging tape in his hand at the gray egg who was still sitting on the sofa.

"Huh", Huidan's ears instantly stood up, and he looked at Chen Qi in a pleasing manner, performing the tearful Dafa.

"Didn't you just eat dinner?"

"Wang!" Gray Egg called out loudly.

"Pig become you."

Chen Qi muttered in a low voice, but he didn't escape Huidan's ears, and he called out twice in dissatisfaction.

"Did I said wrong thing?"

However, seeing the appearance of Huidan's cooperation, Chen Qi felt that there was a drama.

Holding the biscuit and dangling it in front of Huidan's nose, he finally took a bite in Huidan's expectant eyes.

"Woo~~" Huidan protested, his body shrank down, and he was about to lie on the ground on all fours when Chen Qi stopped him.

"Hey, don't lie on the ground."

"Huh?" Gray Egg tilted his head curiously.

Chen Qi stuffed the rest of the biscuits into his mouth, took out another piece and wandered around the tip of Gray Egg's nose.

The sweet smell of the biscuits made Gray stand up on his feet.

"Yes, that's it!" Chen Qi touched Huidan's head and put the biscuit to his mouth.

"Ow!" One bite of the biscuits reached Huidan's mouth. After eating the sweet biscuits, he licked the corners of his mouth, and Huidan looked at Chen Qi with bright eyes.

Chen Qi took a few steps back and continued to lure Gray Egg with the biscuits in his hand.

Gray Egg lay on the ground and tried to come over, but Chen Qi shook his index finger.

"You can eat when you stand up."

Huidan immediately stood in place, he complained anxiously at Chen Qi's 'woo woo' twice, and finally stood up reluctantly.

"Come here." Chen Qi beckoned and said, "You only need to walk over with your feet."

Hesitating, Gray Egg took a step.

"That's right! That's it, Ash, you did a great job."

After being encouraged by the master, Huidan suddenly gained confidence and began to take bold steps forward step by step.

The gray egg has not yet fully adapted to his current body, so he walks a little crookedly.

But later, he walked faster and faster, and finally Huidan excitedly wagged his tail and circled around Chen Qi.

Chen Qi happily patted Huidan's back: "Great, Huidan we can go to the community to report tomorrow!"

"Wang Wang." Gray Egg also agreed, although he just thought his master was happy for him.

Sending the biscuit in his hand to Huidan's mouth, Chen Qi fell onto the sofa.

"I'm glad I finally learned it."

Just as he was sighing, Chen Qi saw Huidan, a tall man who is now 1.8 meters tall, with an expression on his face like a child who had just come into contact with this world. He looked at Chen Qi with curiosity and surprise, and kept in the room. Walk around.

Chen Qi silently laughed at Huidan's lack of knowledge in his heart, and suddenly Huidan rushed into the toilet with a face full of anxiety. He knelt down on the dog toilet that was still in the toilet, and raised one leg.

"Ah, ah - gray egg live, hop!"

Chen Qi was so frightened that he immediately ran into the toilet, grabbing Grey Egg's shoulder and trying to stop him.

Gray Egg was overwhelmed by this sudden situation.

Chen Qi had no choice but to explain and demonstrate to Huidan for a long time.

In the end, Chen Qi asked Huidan three times, "Do you know?"

Although he was still a little worried, Chen Qi had no choice but to come out because the gray egg was about to burst. When he came out, he closed the toilet door.

After waiting patiently for the gray eggs to come out of the toilet outside the door, he covered his nose and went into the toilet to press the drain button.

"Hoo~ gray egg, didn't I just teach you how to flush the toilet?"

Gray Egg just rubbed on Chen Qi to please.

"You touched me without washing your hands."

Chen Qi disgustedly grabbed Huidan's hand and went to the toilet to wash his hands, then drove Huidan into the guest bedroom that was turned into a utility room, and told him to stay inside and not come out.

He took a change of clothes and went to the toilet to take a fighting bath. When Chen Qi came out, Gray Egg had already started scratching the door, so he quickly opened the door and let him out.

The moment the door was opened, Huidan twitched his tail excitedly, and wanted to pounce on Chen Qi.

Chen Qi raised his index finger expressionlessly, and the gray egg stood in place as if being acupointed, and looked at Chen Qi secretly.

"Don't touch me casually."

After saying that, he yawned and went back to the room.

He beat himself twice and sighed, "Oh, I'm really exhausted today."

It took almost a day to teach Gray Egg.

Soon, Chen Qi fell asleep.

Abandoned in the dark living room, the gray egg spontaneously slept on the sofa.

At some point, Huidan found himself running in a dark space.

"Wang Wang Wang!" He called out to Chen Qi.

Finally, after running for an unknown amount of time, he finally found Chen Qi's figure.

"Come here soon." The master waved to him with a smile.

But suddenly Huidan found his body stiff, and then began to stretch rapidly.

He looked down and saw that the hair on his body quickly faded, turning into smooth flesh-colored skin, his claws quickly elongated, and his long nails receded. turned into five sticks.

Gray Egg was terrified to see his own changes and could do nothing, so he had to ask his master for help.

However, Chen Qi, who was not far away, lost the smile on his face, and instead became frightened: "Strange, monster!"

Chen Qi screamed and turned and ran away.

The gray egg stood there like a lightning strike.

Early in the morning, Chen Qi yawned and got up from the bed in a daze.

After washing up, I found that Gray Egg was still lying on the sofa.

This lazy bum.

"Hui Dan is about to get up." He called out a few times but didn't move. Chen Qi grabbed Hui Dan's arm and was about to shake him to wake him up.

Only to find that Gray Egg was staring at the sofa with his eyes open.

"Get up quickly when you wake up, we're going to the community today."

Gray Egg turned around, his eyes were red, and he was clearly crying.

"Grey, why are you crying?"

Chen Qi is a little strange, this... I was fine before going to bed last night, why are you crying after this night.

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