My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 6: good friend advice

"Hey...Actually, I don't know why I'm so angry." After a while, Chen Qi said, "I just took a nap on the sofa the day before yesterday, and when I woke up, he became a human. At first I thought I was home. Entering the thief, I was so scared that my heart stopped beating."

"So you didn't see how he transformed?" Wang Ya asked curiously.

Chen Qi nodded, then took out the takeout in his pocket.

"If I saw it, I might be scared to death." Chen Qi lifted the lid of the other takeaway and put it aside, "Do you want to eat gray eggs?"

Gray Egg on the sofa heard the owner calling him, raised his head and looked back and forth between Chen Qi and the steaming takeaway on the coffee table.


The appearance of Huidan made Wang Ya laugh. She reached out and pushed the takeaway in front of Huidan.

"Don't be afraid of gray eggs, your master is just... Hey anyway, eat it, Xiao Qi won't be really angry with you."

Wang Ya's persuasion did not make Huidan feel relieved, and he still curled up on the sofa and watched Chen Qi's face carefully.

"I have to say that Huidan really listens to you." Now Wang Ya really admires Chen Qi. "You've become a human being... Hey, why don't you give Huidan a new name?"

"Forget it, before you came just now, I wanted to teach him to stand up and walk. If he can't learn it, I didn't force it. I planned to use food to induce him to learn, and then I sat on the sofa and played, and he ran over directly. Pressed on me, almost crushed me to death!"

The pressure of Huidan on the sofa just now not only made Chen Qi gasp for breath, but also realized that Huidan had become a real man.

"Then you get angry at the gray egg." Wang Ya suddenly realized.

Chen Qi pointed at the gray egg and said, "Look at how big he is, can he be as casual as he used to be?"

"You've already said it, you just turned into a human the day before yesterday. Gray Egg doesn't understand anyone who is not a dog or a dog, and he still recognizes you as his master."

Speaking of which, Wang Ya's face became a little serious.

"Xiao Qi, don't learn from those people who abandoned their pets because they became human. I have seen the news that these cats and dogs suddenly became human and were abandoned by their original owners. They have no ability to survive at all. ."

Chen Qi, who was still silent at first, suddenly laughed and said, "Xiaoya, do you think I'm that kind of person? But - I do find him troublesome now."

"Xiao Qi, I'm just talking about it, but if you think he's troublesome, you can't stop feeding him. You look at the gray egg and look at you." After a while, he said, "Don't say that it was cool when the gray egg was still a dog. Yes, now that he has become a man, he is also a handsome guy."

Chen Qi turned his head and saw Huidan looking at him like a tortured little daughter-in-law. In an instant, Chen Qi's heart softened, and his anger disappeared for the most part, thinking that he was really too fierce towards Huidan just now.

"Eat it, I bought it for you." Chen Qi tried to comfort Huidan.

Seeing that the master suddenly looked at him, Huidan quickly lowered his head and did not dare to lift it up. I was feeling uneasy in my heart, and suddenly my side sank, and I felt that the master was stroking his head.

"Grey egg, it was indeed my fault just now. I was just too anxious to teach you how to learn that, plus I couldn't accept the fact that you became a human being..."

Seeing that Chen Qi had said so much, Wang Ya interrupted her, "Xiao Qi, you said so much at one time, can the gray eggs understand?"

Chen Qi, who was reminded by his friend, was stunned for a moment, and suddenly he didn't know what to say with his mouth open.

And Huidan looked at Chen Qi aggrievedly for a while, and handed her his hand, Chen Qi didn't know what Huidan wanted to express.

Putting down his hands, the gray egg looked down at the mirror still in his arms, then raised his head and called Chen Qi anxiously "woohoo" twice.

Chen Qi and Wang Ya looked at each other suspiciously.

"Hui Dan, eat your meal first, and talk about the rest later." He really didn't know what Hui Dan was talking about, so Chen Qi had to coax Hui Dan to eat the meal first.

Taking Huidan's hand and letting him sit down, Chen Qi placed the takeaway and opened it.

The touch of being held in the master's hand, and the temperature of the palm of his hand, Huidan felt a strange feeling in his heart, and gradually calmed down.

"What are you doing, hurry up and eat." Chen Qi coaxed Huidan again.

The aroma of the food made Huidan have no other thoughts, he lowered his head and sniffed and then ate.

"He doesn't even need chopsticks?" Wang Ya looked at the gray egg with surprise, with her whole head buried in the rice.

Chen Qi slumped his shoulders and said helplessly, "You are embarrassing me."

"It doesn't mean that they have a special school." Wang Ya recalled the introduction she had read on the news.

Hearing this, Chen Qi became depressed.

"He can't even stand now. I can't let him go out and crawl on all fours on the ground." Thinking of that scene, Chen Qi's head began to grow big.

"That's a problem." Wang Ya was also troubled.

Both fell silent.

Supporting her head, Wang Ya suddenly had an idea when she heard the whirring of the gray egg and the gray egg.

"Xiao Qi, didn't you just say that you used food to induce gray eggs?"

"Yeah, isn't it useless in case of an accident." Chen Qi said after taking a mouthful of food.

"Then you can use food as a reward to teach Gray Egg."

"Huh?" Chen Qi was thinking about sending Huidan to the community school, but he didn't understand what Wang Ya said.

"Just like the dog trainer on TV, use food to train the dog. If you do it right, you will be rewarded. You can use biscuits or sugar as a reward to train him."

The more Chen Qi listened, the brighter his eyes became, and he also felt that this method was feasible, thinking that although Gray Egg has become a human now, his behavior and actions are still in the state of a dog.

In the current situation, only this method can be used to teach him.

"Why are you in such a hurry." Seeing Chen Qi staring at the gray egg with eager expression, Wang Ya smiled and persuaded Chen Qi, "Anyway, you stay at home every day, and you have time to teach him."

"I just wanted to verify what you said."

"Then you don't have to be in such a hurry?" Wang Ya smiled and got up, "Since you have no big problem here, then I'll go home first."

"You've been here for so long, and you have to leave in a hurry?" Chen Qi was surprised.

"My colleague just sent a text message, and I have to deal with the company temporarily." He shook the phone in front of Chen Qi.

"Do you still want to go to the company after all this time?"

Wang Ya spread her hands helplessly and said, "Recently, the company has a new general manager. You know, the new officer will start a fire when he takes office. He has not come to me at this point twice or twice."

Chen Qi frowned and held the injustice for his friend: "Then you can't find someone during the break."

"Who told me to eat under others, but recently it has been revealed that they want to give me a raise." Wang Ya smiled and comforted Chen Qi in turn.

Although Chen Qi wanted to keep friends again, Wang Ya shook her head and said, "Next time."

The gray egg on the side has finished eating, and his face is full of oil and licking his mouth.

"You workaholic, you are so busy when you get to work, I don't think I can make an appointment with you."

Chen Qi said to send Wang Ya to the door, while Wang Ya said to Chen Qi while putting on her shoes.

"Isn't the gray egg changed into a human, then you will have him in the future."

"He? I've been thinking for the past two days that Huidan still doesn't understand anything. After he goes to school, he gradually gets to know the world. At that time, maybe he wants to leave this house and go outside." Chen Qi sighed. He said, "I'll be alone again at that time."

"Then you don't want to find one?"

Wang Ya mentioned this sentence to Chen Qi more than once. And Chen Qi's answer every time is...

"Xiaoya, you know me. Since my parents left, I'm used to living alone."

Sure enough, it was rejected again, but Wang Ya no longer struggled with this issue.

"Since you said that, in fact, as long as you are happy, then I'll leave and say goodbye." After speaking, Wang Ya closed the door.

After closing the door, Chen Qi was a little dazed.

It can be said that Wang Ya is the only one of her good friends. In the gloomy days in the past, only Wang Ya came to comfort her and encourage him every three days. Even after entering the university, I will often find time to see her. Chen Qi sometimes feels lucky to have such a good friend.

Back in the living room, Chen Qi's memories were interrupted by the shiny gray egg on his face who was just about to lie down on the sofa after dinner.

"Hey, take your time." Chen Qi felt powerless for a while, took a tissue and walked towards the gray egg.

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