My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 4: Clothes problem solved

Rubbing his slightly swollen eyes, Chen Qi groped for the phone on the bedside table in a daze, and woke up to see that the time was 10:45.

Putting down the phone, squinting and turning over, he felt something kicked under his feet, causing Chen Qi to sit up in fright.

It turned out that the gray egg was curled up at the end of the bed and was sleeping soundly.

"Why did this dead dog sleep here?" Chen Qi muttered.

Just as he was about to drive Grey Egg down, he raised his hand when Chen Qi suddenly recalled the scene last night.

With a sigh, I took the clothes I went out and went to the toilet to quickly change them. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I came out and saw an empty pocket under the dining table.

Picking it up, she found that the bread she bought earlier had been opened, frowning, Chen Qi thought about it, and thought that this was probably stolen by Huidan, because she felt that the wet pocket was Huidan's saliva.

However, Chen Qi wasn't very angry, because he didn't have time to give Gray Egg breakfast this morning. Coupled with the current changes in Huidan, we can't just pour dog food when Huidan is hungry like before.

Throwing the empty pocket into the trash can, and went out to buy clothes for Grey Egg.

"I haven't bought men's clothes yet?" Chen Qi thought to himself as he took the bus to a shopping mall closer to home.

Holding the strap tightly with both hands, Chen Qi felt a little embarrassed looking at the tall decorations in each store.

She was reluctant to buy too expensive clothes for gray eggs.

After wandering left and right for a long time, Chen Qi finally summoned up the courage to go in when he passed by a shop whose decoration looked ordinary.

"Welcome, hello, do you need anything?" The enthusiastic shopping guide immediately asked Chen Qi with a smile.

Chen Qi ignored the shopping guide and just walked around by himself.

But the shopping guide still asked enthusiastically: "Are you buying clothes for your boyfriend? It's rare to see a girl come to buy clothes for her boyfriend."

Seeing Chen Qi pick up a long-sleeved shirt, the shopping guide reluctantly said: "It just so happens that we have a discount recently, buy 200 and save 50. This discount is only 349 yuan."

Chen Qi's heart was stunned, but his face remained steady. He pretended to take two shirts, looked at them, and left.

Seeing the back of Chen Qi leaving, the shopping guide smiled and straightened the shirts on the shelf.

Chen Qi came out of the store and didn't know where to go for a while, and walked around the mall twice. Chen Qi recalled that a fast-moving consumer goods store he often visited seemed to have men's clothing, and the prices were reasonable.

So I went out of the mall and came to a store not far from the mall. Before entering the store, Chen Qi saw a sign with sale inside.

There is no shopping guide in this store. Chen Qi quickly chose a short-sleeved T-shirt and a brushed long-sleeved T-shirt. In order to avoid the jeans he bought, he chose to wear them. A pair of slacks with elastic straps.

Sitting on the bus and looking at the 377 yuan receipt in his hand, Chen Qi felt a little pain in the flesh. But compared with the shirt that cost more than 300 just now, I think it's better.

When I got out of the elevator, I just got to the door with the key to open the door, when I heard Gray Egg barking inside.

The door had just opened before it had time to close, Hui Dan shook his tail excitedly, rushed up and rubbed his head against Chen Qi.

However, in Chen Qi's eyes, a big man with only a blanket on his body was crawling around on the ground, not to mention how awkward it was.

Chen Qi hurriedly closed the door, she didn't want to be mistaken for someone with weird hobbies.

Throwing a large bag of shopping bags on the sofa, Chen Qi slumped on the sofa and rested.

Huidan also followed Chen Qi to the sofa, and he leaned against Chen Qi happily. He curled up beside her, then put his head on Chen Qi's leg.

As usual, Chen Qi rubbed the hair on Huidan's head, and when she touched the smooth skin on Huidan's lower jaw, she sat up as if electrocuted.

Although he knew that in addition to the change in appearance, the gray egg was still the same "it" as before, but Chen Qi always felt a little awkward in his heart.

When he took out the T-shirt in the shopping bag, Chen Qi realized that the biggest problem was how to put on the gray egg.

Because Gray Egg now looks like a tall man, with the exception of dog ears and an extra tail, he should have nothing less.

And from yesterday to now, the gray egg has disappeared hundreds of times inside and out in front of Chen Qi.

It's okay to accidentally see it, but now Chen Qi is required to get closer to a man with a naked body. For Chen Qi, who has been in a vacant period from birth to the present, it is a life-threatening situation.

After struggling for a long time, Chen Qi finally came up with a countermeasure.

"Sit gray egg."

Huidan's ears moved, and he immediately sat up and watched Chen Qi waiting for her next order.

"Grey egg, raise your hand."

Chen Qi raised his arms to indicate Huidan, but Huidan just tilted his head and looked at Chen Qi, wondering what she was doing.

"Sigh." Seeing that Huidan didn't respond, Chen Qi stretched the neckline of his T-shirt and put it directly on Huidan's head.

Grey Egg found that he couldn't see his master, and his body began to sway slightly.

"Don't move around." Chen Qi patted Huidan lightly, then pulled down his T-shirt, then grabbed Huidan's hand and stuffed it into his cuff.

"Raise your hands and sit down, stupid."

Sitting and dressing Huidan was a bit difficult, so Chen Qi had to stand up to make it easier to perform.

The owner's sudden approach made Gray Egg puff out his nose curiously.

'It's still as soft as ever. ' Gray Egg-face leaned on Chen Qi and thought.

Chen Qi, who finally put on a T-shirt for Huidan, didn't realize that he was secretly playing a hooligan, but was worried about how to put pants on Huidan.

In the end, Chen Qi finally made up his mind, thinking that it is better to look at the back when he sees the eyes in front of him.

So he stood up, Huidan lost his support and jumped forward on the sofa, just as he was about to get up, Chen Qi pressed his back.

"Don't move like this, be obedient." Chen Qi comforted Huidan, she planned to pull up her pants from behind Huidan to avoid embarrassment.

So he pulled Huidan's thigh to lay him down, untied the blanket around him, revealing a white and tender ass.

"I'll go." Chen Qi felt ten thousand points of damage to his eyes.

Pressing the moving gray egg again, Chen Qi took his pants and started to pull up from the gray egg's feet.

Halfway through wearing it, Chen Qi suddenly remembered that he didn't buy **** for Huidan, and then he thought that he couldn't handle so much, anyway, he wouldn't die if he wore one less.

Just pulling up and pulling so hard, finally put the pants on for Huidan.

Chen Qi heaved a sigh of relief and slumped aside.

Gray Egg was free but felt uncomfortable. He rubbed on the sofa and found that the thing was still wrapped around him, and began to roll.

Seeing Gray Egg like this, Chen Qi laughed.

And the gray egg rolled and somehow rolled to the ground, and now Chen Qi couldn't laugh anymore.

"No." Chen Qi stood up to stop Huidan.

"Grey egg, you've become a human now, you can't just roll around on the ground."

Huidan stopped rolling on the ground, and squatted in front of Chen Qi in protest.

"The objection is invalid, and you have to learn how to stand with Huidan. It's useless to pretend to be pitiful." Chen Qi put his hands through Huidan's armpits, trying to pull Huidan up.

But... after pulling it two or three times, the gray egg settled on the ground like a tumbler.

"Aren't you disobedient?" Chen Qi faced Gray Egg with a stern face.

Gray Egg turned his head and pretended that the ceiling was beautiful.

"Den, Deng Deng Deng Deng ~" The phone rang.

"You're done for Huidan." Chen Qi threatened Huidan, so he had no choice but to get his phone.

"Hey, is Xiao Qi free to come out to play today?" After connecting, a brisk female voice came from the other end of the phone.

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