My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 39: season finale

Since moving to Chen Qi's house, Da Huang is secretly saddened by the backpack that Grandpa Liu bought for him every night. Two months have passed, and the large and small bags that I brought when I came are still piled up by the bed.

In this home, after spending two months with Huidan and Chen Qi. In addition, I am busy with Hui Egg every day at the sauerkraut stall.

Rhubarb was determined to tidy up the random piles of things in the house and clean up his bedroom.

Maybe I will live here forever in the future.

When sorting out the backpack, when he saw the red leather book in the backpack, Da Huang remembered that it was something his grandfather gave him and told him to keep it well.

Da Huang looked at it for a while and couldn't understand it, so he took it out and asked Chen Qi.

Red hardcover book with hot stamping on the cover

After carefully looking through it, Chen Qi found that it was a title certificate for a facade, and asked tentatively, "This is what Grandpa Liu gave you?"

"Well, grandpa gave it to me when he was not seriously ill. He took me to a place that day and asked me to sign a bunch of things. After a few days, he took me there to get this for me. Let me put it away and return it to me. I kept asking me to promise not to let those few people see it."

Da Huang said that he fell into the memory of Grandpa Liu. The few people in his mouth were referring to the two sons of Grandpa Liu.

When I opened the book, the address was indeed the location of Grandpa Liu's sauerkraut shop.

"Grandpa Liu gave you his shop." Chen Qi closed the book and affirmed.

"Then this key..." Da Huang looked at the key in his hand in disbelief.

No one answered this time, but the answer was self-evident.

Da Huang sat slowly on the edge of the sofa, his hand holding the key turned white with force.


Chen Qi and Huidan looked at each other, each with worry about Rhubarb in each other's eyes.

After a while, Da Huang slowly raised his head, and his eyes turned red.

"I understand what Grandpa means. He wants us to continue to open a braised vegetable shop."

Chen Qi silently stared at the red real estate deed and keys on the coffee table.

After two months, Chen Qi suddenly realized why Grandpa Liu let Da Huang live in the house at that time, but did not transfer the house to him. Perhaps what he said in the ward at that time was just a delay.

Open a braised vegetable shop and have a craft to eat. It is a simple old man's long-term plan for people he values.

This is Grandpa Liu's plan for Da Huang to settle down.

Chen Qi was filled with admiration at this moment.

"I have a suggestion."

Chen Qi said with consideration.

"What advice?" Gray Egg asked.

"The braised vegetable shop will not open yet."

Da Huang made a puzzled expression and said, "If we have our own shop, we don't need to set up a stall outside every day."

"It's closed for now, and the lucai stall has just started. The traffic is still unstable. Originally, I planned to use Wenyin to promote you more, and then rent a shop when I made money. Since Grandpa Liu has made a plan for you, let's decorate the shop first. , promoting the new address via video."

This idea came to me after I got in touch with people from the internet celebrity agency that day. Chen Qi had planned to tell the two of them later. Now, because of the inheritance that Grandpa Liu gave to Rhubarb, the most difficult store in the plan is now, and things are much simpler.

While Chen Qi thought about it, he raised his head and wanted to ask Huidan and Rhubarb's opinion.

The shoulders were tightly squeezed by the gray eggs, Chen Qi was startled, his eyes met the hot expression of the gray eggs, and his expression was slightly horrified.

"Aqi, you're amazing! It's your idea to open a braised vegetable stall, and it's also your idea to shoot a video to promote it."

Gray Egg said in high spirits.

Chen Qi's face flushed with praise from Gray Egg's sudden rainbow fart.

"This... am I that good?"

Da Huang, who was beside him, nodded his head, his triangular hairy ears stood up high, and said, "Mmmm! Without A Qi to help me, I didn't even know this red book was left to me by my grandfather."

"Slow down and praise, there is still a long way to go after the lucai stall has just started."

Chen Qi couldn't help pouring cold water on the two "dogs" in front of him.

Gray Egg's expression didn't care, and he hurriedly expressed his heart.

"Don't worry, Aqi, I will make good money to support my family."

"Me too." Rhubarb raised his hand as if not to be left behind.

At noon, the three of Chen Qi went out after eating.

The destination of this trip is the place where Grandpa Liu once opened a shop.

Standing in front of the rolling shutter door, the three of them invariably looked up at the blank door.

Especially Rhubarb, as long as he can remember, he followed his grandfather back and forth between the store and home every day.

This less than 50 square meters bears many imprints of his life with Grandpa Liu.

When he was still a dog, Da Huang chased away mice under the command of his grandfather in the shop. After becoming a human, he followed his grandfather to learn how to speak and how to receive customers.

"Let's open the door."

Da Huang looked a little sad, then squatted down and opened the lock with the key.

Gray Egg also stepped forward to help, first half squatting and holding up half of the rolling shutter door, and when he got up, he held it up again, and then he opened the door completely.

Chen Qi walked into the store behind Huidan, and everything in the room was covered with dust, but they were all neatly arranged.

There is also a back room in the store, which is a small kitchen with stoves, pots and bowls.

"You only need to come to the clean-up to open the business." After looking around, Chen Qi said to Huidan who was following behind.

Gray Egg gave a complicated "um" sound.

Just as Chen Qi was about to ask what was wrong, he immediately remembered the past when Huidan came here to study. The body moved slightly closer to him, holding his hand.

In the narrow and dark kitchen, only clasped hands warmed each other.

At this time, the big yellow probe came in and said, "There is a lot of dust in the store, do you need to clean it?"

Coming out of the dark kitchen, Huidan said, "We're going to set up a stall tonight, and it's too late."

"Then tomorrow morning, I'll also come to help with cleaning." Chen Qi said.

The time soon came to the next morning, and the three of them returned to the store with cleaning tools.

Opening the shutter door, the three briefly divided their work.

Huidan was in charge of cleaning the outside of the store, Da Huang was in charge of cleaning the small kitchen inside, and Chen Qi was in charge of cleaning the floor.

After assigning the tasks, Huidan picked up a bucket of water in the kitchen, poured a lot of dishwashing detergent into the bucket, stirred up the foam, wet the rag, and wiped the glass case.

Rhubarb put the pots and pans in the store into the kitchen and washed them with a bang.

Chen Qi took the broom and the dustpan and carefully cleaned the ground.

Sweeping and sweeping, Chen Qi suddenly stopped and patted his forehead with an "Oops".

It turns out that I have to do a big cleaning in the store today, and I don't have a booth at night. Chen Qi was worried that the customers who had just accumulated were unhappy, so he made a video during lunch explaining the reason for not stalling.

The explanation is still from Huidan and Rhubarb that Chen Qi is only responsible for the filming of the video.

After filming, I went to see the cleaning tools that I needed to bring. Chen Qi also forgot about it.

This will come to mind, Chen Qi quickly stopped what he was doing, hurriedly took out his mobile phone, and after some tossing, he uploaded the video to Steady Sound.

After the upload progress bar was completed, Chen Qi patted his chest to soothe his heart.

Not long after it got out, new news came one after another.

There are those who regret not seeing the handsome guy, and there are those who say that Chen Qi is hyping it up.

"Fry it." After cursing, Chen Qi continued to sweep the ground.

After roughly sweeping the dust off the ground, Chen Qi started mopping the floor again. Probably due to long-term sitting, Chen Qi's shoulders are not in good condition. After only waving the mop twice, he beat his back in pain.

"What are you doing!"

Chen Qi exclaimed in a low voice, it turned out that the mop in his hand was taken away by Huidan.

Turning his head and looking around, Chen Qi found that the dusty shop had been cleaned for most of it.

Looking down at the phone, it was already 5:50.

Chen Qi opened his mouth slightly in surprise. He didn't know whether it was because time passed too fast or he did it too slowly.

Knowing how much he weighed, Chen Qi readily gave his place to Huidan, and turned around and walked out the door to the small shop.

When Chen Qi came back, the cleaning work had entered the final stage.

"It's been mopped up so quickly, come and drink water."

Gray Egg took it, raised his head and gulped, and large drops of sweat flowed down his neck to the depths of his collar.

Chen Qi immediately took out his mobile phone and turned on the video recording mode.

"Oh, I forgot to take a picture again..." Chen Qi said angrily.

"What's wrong?" Gray Egg thought there was something wrong with the phone.

Chen Qi stared at the video and shook his head, regretting that he didn't film the scenes of Huidan and Rhubarb's labor.

Since she decided to create the "Er Gouzi" IP, she has always observed the every move of Huidan and Rhubarb. Stir fry a dish with gray eggs, and Rhubarb laughs and thinks it is the material for making a video.

From morning to night, four or five short videos are to be recorded. Fortunately, the parties did not reject it at all, and Huidan even took the initiative to request a reshoot.

At this moment, Chen Qi was extremely regretful and felt that he had missed the excellent video material.

"Aqi, continue to shoot!" Huidan quickly put down the water bottle, picked up the mop and dragged the ground hard, constantly shouting for Chen Qi to shoot himself.

After more than ten seconds of recording, Chen Qi frowned and exited the recording mode. She began to think that there was nothing good in a man mopping the floor.

Before closing the door, Chen Qi took his mobile phone and recorded a circle inside and outside the store before leaving.

I plan to accumulate materials for the promotion of the new address of "Ergouzi Braised Vegetable Store".

When he got home, Chen Qi quickly cut out a new video. New video content is a clean shop.

After the video was uploaded, Chen Qi put down his phone and went to take a shower.

When she came out with a sound of water vapor, the first thing she did was to open her phone and enter the app.

"what happened?"

Looking at the number of replies that just broke 100, Chen Qi's eyes were wide and round.

Is it limited?

Holding the phone, Chen Qi's hand trembled slightly, and a sense of daze came out from the bottom of his heart.

Internet celebrity time is too short.

Just when Chen Qi was at a loss, a comment answered her question.

What about the handsome guy? I want to see the handsome guy!

There are also several similar messages under this comment, all of which are shouting how the gray eggs do not appear.

Glancing at the gray egg who was walking towards him with a hairdryer, Chen Qi edited the video again. This time, Chen Qi put the clip of the gray egg mopping the floor at the front, and set the picture of him working hard as the cover.

The title and content have not changed in any way, and the number of replies to the new video has gone up after a while.

Thinking of the scene where he scared himself just now, Chen Qi realized what an oolong is.

Fortunately, while Huidan has not yet become an expired Internet celebrity, he finally knows what the "wealth password" of video is.


Chen Qi held up his phone backwards.

Huidan was turning on the highest-end hair dryer, and stroking Chen Qi's hair back and forth with his fingers.

He took a quick glance and continued to concentrate on blowing his hair. But because he saw Chen Qi photographing himself, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

Recently, there has always been a similar expression on Gray Egg's face. The reason is naturally that being surrounded by Chen Qi every day has greatly satisfied Huidan's heart of being concerned by his loved ones.

Turn off the noisy hair dryer, the hair between the fingers is fluffy and a little warm. After stroking twice, Huidan leaned over and kissed Chen Qi's hair.

Chen Qi flipped through the comments and was stunned by Huidan's sudden action, but he was only stunned for a few seconds before looking at the comments as usual.

"Aqi, I'm so happy now, thank you."

When he got up, Gray Egg left this sentence in a low voice, and put the hair dryer back in its place.

Only Chen Qi remained.

She stared at the phone without moving, her fingers mechanically sliding the screen.

As if not affected by that sentence at all.

After rowing for a while, Chen Qi covered his face and fell on the sofa, swinging his body like a fish that just landed.

Days go by, and the days when my boyfriend accidentally becomes an internet celebrity is nothing special.

It is nothing more than that more customers came to patronize at night, and Huidan and Rhubarb came home a little late.

Chen Qi also registered an account for the two of them called 'Er Gouzi Lu Cai Tan', and posted a video every two or three days to maintain the popularity of the lu Cai stall.

Although the shop was cleaned last time, more and more customers have come to the braised vegetable stall recently, and Huidan and Rhubarb have no time to go to the shop to sort out.

After such a busy week, Huidan and Rhubarb decided to go to the store at noon every day to sort out the water and electricity matters and move in as soon as possible.

Chen Qi also followed suit to do some things that the two of them didn't know, such as: finding someone to do the door design, to apply for a business license, etc.

After a month of working together, the three were ready to open on a sunny and sunny afternoon.

Standing at the door, looking at the two flower baskets presented by a friend in front of the store, Chen Qi and the friend on the other end of the phone expressed their gratitude.

"If it weren't for the company's busyness recently, I would definitely come to taste the craftsmanship of gray eggs." Wang Ya said regretfully.

"Understand, strong woman, just work hard."

After gag with his friend, Chen Qi hung up the phone.

As soon as the red icon was pressed, a sense of nausea rushed into Chen Qi's throat.

She covered her mouth and retched for a while but couldn't spit out anything.

Gray Egg, who was arranging things in the store, immediately put down the things in his hand and ran over.

He hugged Chen Qi and panicked: "Aqi, what's wrong with you? Did you eat a bad stomach?"

I wanted to say it was okay, but before I could say a word, Chen Qi trotted to the corner and retched.

"Have you eaten something bad?" Huidan asked anxiously, pulling Chen Qi to take a taxi to the hospital.

Just as Chen Qi was about to speak, he suddenly remembered that his body had been delayed for three weeks, and a thought rose in his mind.

After getting into the car, Chen Qi leaned against Huidan's arms, and said in a muffled voice, "Greydan, I'm afraid..."

At this moment, Chen Qi was still very flustered, and she was not ready.

"I will always be with you."


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