My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 38: contract (below)

"Ah, I'm exhausted." Chen Qi sighed and spread out on the bed with the smell of milk shower gel.

After closing his eyes and resting for a few minutes, he suddenly felt strangely quiet in the room. In the past, the gray eggs were sticky at the first time.

Thinking about it, he looked up at Gray Egg, only to see him staring intently at the phone.

Chen Qi was immediately shocked. Usually, Huidan would get jealous when he saw that he was playing with his mobile phone and ignored him.

"What are you looking at?"

Rarely, Gray Egg did not respond immediately.

Chen Qi rolled to the left, bent his knees and kicked his legs, and his body moved upwards, just lying beside Huidan and could see the phone screen.

It turned out to be watching steady sound.

After watching Huidan for a while, he realized that he had been watching the video shot this morning repeatedly.

"Grey egg... what are you looking at?"

"Aqi, you've finished washing, I'm watching your video."

Diverting his attention from his phone, he found Chen Qi beside him.

Huidan put down his mobile phone, and wrapped his arms around Chen Qi's shoulders in his arms. Chen Qi also collapsed into Huidan's chest.

"Aqi, you are amazing. How can you come up with such a great idea, and you can get so many people to make a video!"

I never thought that when Huidan came up to speak, he was a big compliment, which made Chen Qi suspect that he was not shooting a short video of more than ten seconds, but a beautifully made movie.

"Too much praise, Steady Sound is much better than mine." Chen Qi pulled up Gray Egg's clothes and covered his face, his voice muffled.

Gray Egg smiled softly, rubbed his slender hair with his fingertips and said, "Then...Aqi will look less at those men with hairy ears in the future, and look at more good shots."

Putting down the deformed clothes, Chen Qi turned to look at the gray egg, and after a while he said, "You really~"

He then punched Huidan in disbelief, but he was caught by him with little strength.

In the end, he blushed and accepted the weight of Gray Egg's body.

The next day, Chen Qi rarely got up early.

Standing by the window and listening to the chirping of birds, I stretched and thought that it was probably because I was tired last night and slept without a dream until dawn.


Covering his hot face, Chen Qi let out a strange cry.

Think about other things now!

After knocking on the forehead, Chen Qi turned around to open the door and was about to go out. As soon as his hand touched the handle, the bedroom door was opened from the outside.

Gray Egg's expression was a little surprised, as if asking her why she got up.

Chen Qi walked to the dining table without looking sideways, took a spoon several times after sitting down, and dropped the silver spoon several times in his hand.

"Aqi, what's wrong with you?" Gray Egg asked concerned.

Chen Qi smirked and said, "Oh! I'm thinking about how to shoot the new video."

After speaking, he squeezed the spoon tightly and scooped a spoonful into his mouth.

After that, no matter what Gray Egg asked, he didn't say anything, just put breakfast in his mouth.

After eating and playing with the phone for a while, the strange embarrassment in Chen Qi's heart finally dissipated after Huidan and Rhubarb entered the kitchen.

When he got up and walked to the sofa, a special message in the backstage of Steady Sound caught Chen Qi's attention.

Sunny Wind: Hello, do you have any idea of ​​signing a company?

After reading the news, Chen Qi's first reaction was that this person didn't use punctuation marks.

I complained in my heart, and asked who he was with a curious heart.

After chatting, Chen Qi realized that this person was the HR of an internet celebrity agency. He noticed that Huidan and Rhubarb were very popular recently, and wanted to sign them.

He also promised to turn Huidan and Rhubarb into an internet celebrity group, and it is even possible to become a star in the entertainment industry.

While boasting about the future of Gray Egg, this sunny wind opened his mouth and closed his mouth for tens of millions of dollars.

Seeing that Chen Qi hasn't come back for a long time, Sunny Wind sent another inciting sentence: They are so hot now, and they have to strike while the iron is hot. Once this time passes, they will be forgotten by netizens. Our company will send a professional operation team to do the IP of the two of them. The script is shot by a dedicated person

Chen Qi slumped on the sofa rubbing his chest, muttering to himself, "Good treatment and a team."

Although he was tempted by this person's words, Chen Qi still had a little bit of concern without full confidence in his heart, so he exchanged a WeChat account with the wind on this sunny day.

Do you want to ask someone?

After thinking about it for a while, Chen Qi called a friend. In Chen Qi's mind, Wang Ya, a strong working woman, is a well-informed person, so you can definitely find her.

"Hey, Aya."

"Yo! The family members of the big celebrity finally remembered me."

"what are you saying…"

It turns out that Wang Ya just saw the video of Huidan yesterday.

After a few words of greetings, Chen Qi mentioned that he was approached by an online celebrity company to sign a contract.

After Wang Ya listened to the other end of the phone, she was silent for a while before saying: "If you want to sign a contract, you must implement the conditions he mentioned in the contract, and the most important thing is how much you will pay for the termination of the contract. These companies will play tricks in the contract. Let the signatory It’s not a small amount to pay a few million termination fees.”

"so much!"

The words seemed to pour a bucket of ice water on Chen Qi's head, causing her eyes to widen.

"I also happened to hear some inside information from a friend. If you want to sign a contract, you'd better find a lawyer to look at the contract for you."

After a few chats, Chen Qi hung up the phone because Wang Ya was busy with work.

Putting down the phone, Chen Qi held his chin and sighed, but his mind still couldn't let go of the bright future built by the wind on a sunny day.

After sitting for a while with a bitter face, Chen Qi picked up the phone next to him and searched the Internet for what to pay attention to when signing a contract with an internet celebrity company.

As a result, when I clicked on the first article on the webpage, I found out that it was a sales advertisement of an Internet celebrity company.

I shouted that I was fooled and quit, and after checking the website for a while, I saw an article called MCN Institutional Scam.

The article is very long, but it analyzes the pits of Internet celebrity organizations one by one. Just browsed to see that the company will let Internet celebrities live broadcast, Chen Qi's sliding hand stopped.

Immediately switch to the WeChat background and click on the wind in sunny days, and ask him if he will broadcast live.

Wind on a sunny day: Live broadcast will increase the stickiness of fans

There is no clear answer yes or no, the attitude is vague.

Chen Qi suddenly reacted, and he hadn't asked the parties for their opinions.

Grabbing the phone, he rushed to the kitchen.

"Huh? Signing, what is signing? What will the signing be like?" Da Huang tilted his head and looked at Chen Qi curiously.

"Today, an Internet celebrity company came to me and wanted to sign you to make videos, and professional people will come to film you in the future."

Huidan listened and stopped his movements, "Aqi, do you want to stop photographing us?"

"That person said that it would be better for a professional to shoot."

The corners of Huidan's mouth sank, and the work in his hands resumed.

Rhubarb rolled his eyes and said, "Then do we still have time to sell braised vegetables?"

Chen Qi tapped the phone screen with his knuckles and threw the question back, "That's why I came to ask your thoughts."

This time Huidan spoke first, "We still want to sell braised vegetables. You can shoot the video, Aqi, without anyone outside."

Rarely, Chen Qi could hear a bit of indifference from Huidan's words.

But that last sentence may be the most important.

Chen Qi couldn't help but smiled, and quickly pressed it down. With a regretful look on his face, he said, "Is that so... well, then—I went to refuse."

Back in the living room, Chen Qi finally couldn't help covering his mouth and snickering.

Just now, she was really afraid that Huidan and Rhubarb would agree, so now she can safely reply to the wind in sunny days.

That person has been persuading as Chen Qi had expected, and also strongly requested to make video calls with Huidan and Rhubarb.

Chen Qi kept rejecting it, but after messing with him for a while, he became unhappy.

"Why is this person so shameless, is he a liar?"

After finishing speaking, Chen Qi exited the chat interface, preparing to put this person on hold.

Maybe that sunny wind felt Chen Qi's attitude and didn't send any more messages.

Chen Qi played the game with more peace of mind. In the first 8 minutes, Chen Qi went smoothly and supported the audience. The enemies on the opposite side are fighting each other in the channel.

Coincidentally, when Chen Qi was hiding when he was looking for an opportunity to strike, the original intention of filming the video emerged in his mind - to promote the sauerkraut stall.

Do I need to register another account?

A thought flashed by.

"Ah!" Chen Qi exclaimed in surprise.

Find yourself being sent back to the spring by the enemy on the opposite side. Chen Qi shook his head and returned his attention to the game.

But after this idea came to his mind, Chen Qi lost all his momentum in the first eight minutes of the game, and kept getting killed. He was also asked by his teammates if he was playing alone.

In less than five minutes, Chen Qi exited the game interface with a bitter face.

When she opened the steady sound to register the account, her face gradually returned to normal.

"What's the name?"

Hairy ear combo? A combination of handsome dogs?

"It's so strange..." Chen Qi had a headache when he couldn't think of the name for a while.

"Aki, are you not feeling well?"

After Huidan came out of the kitchen, he found Chen Qi lying on the sofa with his head on his side, strode forward and squatted by the sofa, supporting Chen Qi with concern.

Chen Qi said: "I'm just worried about what name to choose."

"...what." Gray Egg was at a loss.

Chen Qi sat up with Huidan's hand and explained.

It turns out that Aqi wants to register a new account to promote himself and Rhubarb.

"Let's take the name of our braised vegetable stall."

"You said Ergouzi braised vegetable stall?'s not impossible..."

He couldn't find any other good names in his mind, and finally Chen Qi typed out the five words Ergouzi braised vegetables.

I also took a photo of gray eggs and rhubarb hanging over their shoulders and set it up as an avatar.

"Aqi, why don't you shoot?"

I was not happy when I saw the photo.

"This account is to promote the two of you and the lucai booth. What am I doing in the camera?"

Big Huang knew that Gray Egg was very possessive towards Chen Qi, so he found an excuse to clean up the house and went back to his bedroom.

"Our family has never been short of vinegar in this life." Chen Qi sighed with his hands spread.

Gray Egg didn't understand the meaning of Chen Qi's words, but saw Chen Qi say this with a smile. He thought that Chen Qi was comforting him.

"Then Aqi, you also promote yourself well."

Chen Qi didn't understand why Huidan kept struggling with not appearing in the mirror.

"I ask you, do you like to see him?"

Gray Egg stretched out his head and looked at it for two seconds, his eyes and eyebrows were wrinkled together, and his body couldn't help but lift back.

In the video is a man with black hairy ears in the shape of a large German Shepherd triangle.

"Aqi is so ugly, how could I like to watch this." Gray Egg's expression seemed to be greatly insulted.

"That's not it, others may not like to look at me. But what's so ugly about him?"

"Why did you play it again?" Gray Egg's eyes widened.

Chen Qi put down the phone and said with a wicked smile, "I'm thirsty and want to drink some vinegar."

Huidan hummed like he was still a dog, and hugged Chen Qi in his arms.

So the two huddled together and looked at the five-inch cell phone.

Chen Qi's reputation is to learn advanced shooting techniques, and he really looks at the handsome guy under the eyes of Huidan.

But this time Gray Egg has his wife in his arms, so he doesn't care.

After a while, Da Huang came over with a red hard-shelled book in his hand.

"You see what is this?"

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