My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 37: Signing a contract (top)

Outside the window, the breeze swayed the treetops, and birds chirped and fluttered past the window.

"Come on, look here."

In the living room, a woman in pajamas is holding a mobile phone and wandering back and forth to the two men with hairy ears on the sofa.

The phone is held horizontally for a while, and taken vertically for a while

The woman who jumped up and down was Chen Qi.

Since I saw the video of Wen Yin putting gray eggs on fire, plus the grand occasion that the sauerkraut stall was surrounded last night. Chen Qi thought about making a video as well.

Rather than letting others take pictures, it is better to take pictures yourself, which can also eliminate some strange people. Such as teasing and teasing that kind of video.

After thinking about it all night, Chen Qi couldn't wait to announce the idea at breakfast. At first, Huidan could only blink his eyes dry, but his eyes gradually became hot after hearing that.

As soon as the last word in Chen Qi's mouth fell, the gray egg flew into the bedroom and flew out.

Looking forward, with his tail twitching up and down, Xi Zi held the phone as if he was holding his heart.

Gray Egg looked more motivated than himself, although Chen Qi didn't understand why. But it's also a good thing to have someone around you who can support your ideas.

Thus, there is the scene of Chen Qi jumping up and down at the beginning.

I took several shots of Chen Qi in a row and I was not satisfied. Although Huidan and Rhubarb were handsome, it was too boring to sit in class like a primary school student in the camera.

While frowning, Wen Yin suddenly reminded the handsome guy she was following to update a new video, which was the latest video of dressing up in the app.


Looking at the male internet celebrity with cool lights and poss in the video, Chen Qi suddenly noticed. Immediately ran to the closet in the bedroom to look for it, leaving only two faces looking at each other.

Huidan followed Chen Qi's pace, leaned on the door frame and looked at it, and when he was about to ask, Chen Qi took out two shirts.

One white and one green striped.

Gray Egg couldn't help but say, "Aqi, shall we wear this?"

"You each take one and stand on both sides of the sofa." After Chen Qi finished speaking, he personally instructed the director to practice again.

Huidan and Dahuang obediently took their shirts and stood on the left and right. After waiting for Chen Qi's order, they threw the clothes on the sofa.

The matter is very simple, but it is the first time for these three to shoot a creative video, and it took four attempts to achieve the effect Chen Qi wanted.

"Halfway done, you put on your shirts and sit where you just dropped your clothes."

Huidan put on his shirt neatly, and sat on the sofa in a pose according to Chen Qi's request, followed by Rhubarb.

"Okay, let's go."

The corners of Gray Egg's raised mouth froze, "So fast... It took so long to shoot."

"How long do you want to shoot?" After speaking, Chen Qi buried himself in editing the video.

The long gray ears that were originally hanging down now droop even further down, and the phone, which was finally pleasing to the eye, became dazzling again.

"I'm going to wash the vegetables." Seeing that the matter was over, Da Huang said lightly and entered the kitchen.

On the sofa, Gray Egg rested his hands on the left side of his thighs, leaned his body to the left, and stretched his neck to look to the left.

Grey Egg's anticipation eyes were about to burn, but Chen Qi next to him couldn't feel it as if he had built a barrier, so he cut the video hummingly.

Because there are templates. The video was edited very quickly, in ten minutes. The background music directly sets the popular songs in the steady sound.

With a tap of your fingertips, upload the video to your account.

It's pretty easy to make a video like this.

Chen Qi laughed and laughed at himself, and opened his hands to stretch, but he touched Wen Wen's body.

Chen Qi turned his head sideways and said in surprise, "Why are you still here?"

After he finished speaking, he saw that Gray Egg frowned slightly, and his eyes were full of accusations. After saying that, Gray Egg's eyes and eyebrows widened slightly, as if he had spoken ill of him.

This dog... what happened?

I was wondering when I saw Huidan slowly opening his mouth and said, "Aqi, will you shoot again in the future?"

"Of course, it's just the beginning. Why don't you like it?"

Gray Egg's stretched shoulders loosened, "It's okay, I'm busy."

Before he finished speaking, he hugged Chen Qi tightly before getting up and leaving, leaving Chen Qi confused.

"I really don't understand this dog..."

It is said that women's hearts are needles at the bottom of the sea, so it can be seen that this man's heart is also incomprehensible, especially the man with fluffy ears on his head.

With a long sigh, Chen Qi exited the game with a steady sound, and started a new round of single-row sprints in the new season.

This rush was all morning, and after a few rushes, Chen Qi almost didn't blow his lungs out.

"What kind of **** game, no points will be deducted for reporting?"

He slammed the phone on the sofa, Chen Qi was so angry that he akimbo scolded his teammates in the game.

The more he thought about the game just now, the more Chen Qi thought about it, the more panicked he became. Then he picked up the phone and turned on the steady sound, intending to brush the handsome guys and beauties inside to calm down.

Within two seconds of opening it, the phone vibrated frantically, causing Chen Qi's hands to go numb.

"This... can't it? Look at the gray egg rhubarb!"

Chen Qi ran into the kitchen screaming, she couldn't believe her eyes.

There are actually 500,000 likes!

"No wonder people take pictures of us with their mobile phones every day." Recalling that he was holding mobile phones at his customers in the booth, Rhubarb only understood.

Gray Egg also nodded his head suddenly.

"I can't believe that there are two Internet celebrities in my family." Chen Qi smiled proudly.

"Internet celebrity, what is that?"

Chen Qi knew that the two of them in the family were completely oblivious to the Internet. Except for the lucai stall, they mostly watched TV series to kill them.

He picked up his mobile phone and learned science.

"All in all, you will have more customers when you are popular."

"But now there are a lot of them." Rhubarb was a little puzzled.

Chen Qi raised his index finger with a serious expression and said, "Maybe there will be more people tonight, so be prepared."

Infected by Chen Qi's expression, Gray Egg said in a deep voice, "Aqi, I will protect you."

Without answering Gray Egg's question directly, Chen Qi raised one eyebrow and made a funny expression.

In the evening, Chen Qi walked beside Huidan empty-handed, and just after crossing the road, he saw a crowd of dark crowds standing in the place where the stall was set up.

Is it a position grab?

Chen Qi was thinking about what to do if his place was robbed. As the tricycle got closer and closer to the crowd, the crowd suddenly became lively.

"Oh come on!"

"Little brother, I want to buy braised vegetables!"

"Handsome guy look here!"

Seeing this scene for the first time, Chen Qi was so frightened that he hugged Huidan's waist and hid in Huidan's arms.

"What are these people doing? Who are you offending? You won't come to fight!" Chen Qi asked in a panic.

Gray Egg and Rhubarb looked at each other, Chen Qi guarding Chen Qi and watching the crowd vigilantly.

However, after listening for a few sentences, the three people heard that they were all here to buy braised vegetables, and they also asked to take a photo with gray egg rhubarb.

Hearing the sentence of the group photo, Chen Qi stared at Huidan and Da Huang and said, "It can't be because of the video in the morning!"

"It's possible." Huidan lightly patted Chen Qi's back to comfort him.

Seeing this situation, Huidan was protecting Chen Qi, while Dahuang greeted the customers to make room.

After the booth was set up, there was another circle of people.

Chen Qi hid behind the car and looked around, only to see that almost everyone in the crowd was taking pictures with their mobile phones.

At this time, she felt that the gray eggs and rhubarb were on fire, and she was about to catch up with the ostentation of the stars.

"It's too exaggerated..."

Even though he was surrounded by a circle of people at the very innermost position and faced with cameras one by one, Chen Qi still had a feeling of unreality.

It seems that the video can continue to be shot.

Looking at the dark cameras, Chen Qi smiled smugly.

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