My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 34: Ergou Braised Vegetable Stall

The curtains, which had never been obscured by sunlight, projected into the dim bedroom, Chen Qi rolled over in a dream, and fumbled around with his hands habitually.

But it was empty.

Ok? ? ?

Fumbling with his thin arms again and again, Chen Qi opened his eyes and looked beside him in a daze. Only then did I remember that Gray Egg and Rhubarb had already gone out to set up a stall.

It seems that Gray Egg reminded himself to leave breakfast or something before he left.

Chen Qi yawned and got up from the bed with messy hair. Sure enough, there was still steaming eight-treasure porridge in the rice cooker in the kitchen.

Sitting at the dining table, Chen Qi stretched out his head and brushed his phone while absently scooping up the eight-treasure porridge.

I figured I'd go and see how Huidan and Rhubarb went out on the first day.

"It's only ten o'clock?!"

A word suddenly sounded in the living room.

Chen Qi was not surprised that he got up too late, but that Huidan and Rhubarb left too early.

Will anyone come to buy sauerkraut in the morning? Chen Qi was quite puzzled, and at the same time blamed himself for not choosing the opening time for them.

Putting down the phone with a snap, Chen Qi picked up his rice bowl, snorted and drank two mouthfuls of porridge, ran back to the bedroom, changed clothes and rushed out of the house.

The time is set back to 6:30 in the morning.

The first thing I did when I woke up was to look at Chen Qi, who was sleeping in front of him with his head covered. Then gently get up and get dressed, trying not to make any noise.

In the kitchen, Gray Egg first cooked a pot of eight-treasure porridge, and then quickly placed the braised vegetables in the pot separately.

Just as Rhubarb was getting ready to hear the movement, he also got up and cleaned up with Gray Egg.

The two worked frantically for an hour before they were almost ready.

"Check again."

"Yeah." Da Huang nodded and pointed to the opening supplies that had been recorded in a small book.

There are a lot of things prepared for the first booth: stewed vegetables, seasonings, pots, electronic scales, money boxes, as well as QR code signs, plastic pockets, and other small objects.

Rhubarb made a tick on the book like a dot, and after counting them one by one, Huidan and Rhubarb took the things to the mobile stall car parked in the community.

Neither of them knew how to open the door, so they had to push their hands towards the gate of the community.

"What are you selling?" the security guard opened the gate and asked curiously.

"Selling braised vegetables, if you want to buy it, come to us on the opposite side." Da Huang replied with a smile.

Ok? The security uncle was stunned.

Watching the tricycle advancing at a constant speed and the two people pushing the cart silently, the security guard laughed.

Who will buy braised vegetables in the morning, is it not enough to become a person with IQ?

Looking at the gray and yellow tails behind the two young people, the security uncle felt that he had found the reason.

The security uncle didn't know what Huidan and Rhubarb thought, pushed the tricycle across the road and parked in an open space.

As soon as the car was stopped, the two quickly got busy.

Gray Egg opened the glass cabinet door and placed a brand new bamboo-woven round dustpan in the glass compartment, and then took out the marinated vegetables and sorted them into the dustpan.

Chicken feet, duck feet and pig feet are put together, internal organs and pork head meat are put together, and vegetables such as braised potatoes, lotus root, and dried tofu are put together.

Rhubarb put the scale and chopping board next to the bamboo dustpan, and the QR code was also pasted outside the glass carriage.

In short, it was half past nine after the two of them took care of everything, and there were more and more pedestrians on the road.

Although some passersby cast their eyes curiously, no one stopped.

Gray Egg and Rhubarb glanced at each other, not feeling discouraged. Maybe it was too early or someone would come to buy it at lunch.

Taking out the prepared bench, the two of them sat beside the carriage and waited patiently for customers to come.

I don't know if Aqi got up, did you have breakfast?

The gray egg, who had finally been free, was now full of Chen Qi.

Huidan remembered his previous job. Although the content of the job was simple and easy to do (mechanized), it took eight or nine hours to go home to see Chen Qi.

Thinking of what Grandpa Liu said about men wanting to make money to support the family, Huidan expressed his agreement, and at that time he had a conflict with A Qi because of this.

But when Huidan went to work, he realized that the time outside was so difficult, and the previous days when he was with A Qi 24 hours a day was so beautiful and happy.

The two who used to be tired of being together every day suddenly couldn't be together. Not to mention how uncomfortable it was when Huidan was working in the factory.

So when Aqi proposed to sell braised vegetables, Huidan hesitated for a while and then agreed. The reason is that it is close to home, so you don't have to go out for seven or eight hours every day without seeing Aqi scratching her ears and cheeks, and you can go home to take a look.

No, Gray Egg is still worried about how Chen Qi will solve his lunch today. But he forgot that during the month he went to work, Chen Qi ate at home by himself every day.

The morning time passed quickly, and there was not a single customer at the Lu Cai stall in the morning.

When Rhubarb was sighing at Huidan and mourning in a low voice why there were no guests yet, when he saw Huidan looking straight behind him, Rhubarb curiously followed Huidan's eyes.

Da Huang's eyes focused for a while, only to realize that it was Chen Qi. From a distance, Chen Qi's figure was the size of a grain of rice.

When Chen Qi got closer, she saw that she still had two pockets in her hands.

Seeing that Chen Qi had left the gate of the community and had not reached the other side of the road, Hui Dan immediately stood up and walked towards Chen Qi, took the pocket in her hand and went back to the stewed vegetable stall.

Chen Qi took out two black boxes from his pocket, untied the plastic lids on them, and said, "This is the takeaway I called, eat it while it's hot."

Hearing what Chen Qi said, Huidan felt a little hungry when he touched his stomach. Handing the bench to Chen Qi, he stood by with his lunch box ready to eat.

Chen Qi waved his hand, and approached the glass door to look inside.

"How was this morning?"

Da Huang stopped his chopsticks and said in a low voice, "There are no guests yet."

"It's normal to have no customers just after opening. Take your time, maybe someone will buy it in the afternoon."

Chen Qi was fine in the afternoon, and decided to stay with them until the evening, by the way, to see if there were any guests on the first day of business.

After sitting for a while, Chen Qi got bored and took out his phone to look at the steady sound he had recently fallen in love with. This is Chen Qi's pastime to pass the time when Huidan is not at home.

Chen Qi laughed when he saw it, and shared it with Huidan and Rhubarb from time to time. The afternoon time was just "killed" by Steady Sound.

"Hahaha gray egg, look at this guy playing with the Husky!"

In the video, a young man with white hairy ears is opening his mouth and grabbing a snack thrown by a husky from the photographer.

Chen Qi covered his stomach and burst into tears, and Rhubarb also watched with relish.

Only the gray egg had a sullen face, and his eyes were fixed on the phone in Chen Qi's hand, which was extremely dazzling.

During this period of time, Aqi didn't sleep well at night. Watching the video and seeing it late at night, what's so good about those dogs who don't know who's family!

"How much are your chicken feet?"

Suddenly, an aunt who was carrying two cabbages grabbed her satchel and pointed at the sauerkraut.

The three people behind the braised vegetable stall heard the words and looked at the aunt in unison. After being stunned for three seconds, Chen Qi turned off his phone, and Da Huang jumped up from the bench to greet him warmly. Gray Egg also stood up, standing in front of the chopping board, ready to stand.

"You just came here, you haven't seen it before." Auntie asked curiously.

Rhubarb replied with a smile, and also brought a small basin and two toothpicks to the aunt and asked her to try it.

Seeing that Auntie put the braised vegetables in her mouth, the three of Chen Qi stared straight at Auntie, especially Huidan, who was silently nervous at this moment.

Auntie tasted it seriously, and suddenly said in a high voice: "Yeah! It tastes good, give me half a catty of chicken feet and half a catty of pork head."

The gray egg hung up and his heart fell. He weighed the chicken feet and pig head, and cut the pig head skillfully.

"How much? I'll scan the QR code." After scanning the QR code, the aunt looked back and forth at the rhubarb and the gray egg, "Oh, are you two guys from Lao Liu's Braised Vegetable Store!"

Auntie was surprised as if she had discovered a new world.

It turned out that this aunt was one of the regular customers of Grandpa Liu’s Braised Vegetables Shop. She passed by Huidan’s stall by chance, thinking that she hadn’t eaten Braised Vegetables for a while, so she decided to come and try the “Er Gou” Braised Vegetables on the glass door of this shop. .

Hearing that Da Huang said that he was the first customer today, the aunt laughed again: "No one sells braised vegetables in the morning! Doesn't Lao Liu only open the shop in the afternoon."

After finishing speaking, the enthusiastic aunt left with the chopped cabbage.

"Yes, grandpa used to prepare braised vegetables in the morning and sell braised vegetables in the afternoon." Seeing his aunt walking into the gate of the community, Da Huang recalled how Grandpa Liu sold braised vegetables as if he had just woken up from a dream.

He and Huidan stared at each other for a moment, then Huidan nodded: "Let's braise it tomorrow morning, and we will set up a stall in the afternoon."

"It's best to stand out with braised vegetables warm," Chen Qi said suddenly. Seeing Huidan and Rhubarb looking at him, Chen Qi continued, "It's best when you get off work during the stand time. That's when the fragrance is good and you can attract customers."

Perhaps to confirm Chen Qi's words, after six o'clock, three or four off-duty workers continued to visit.

The three stayed until nearly ten o'clock before closing the stall, and there was still one-third of the braised vegetables left on the stall.

"No one is here at this time." Chen Qi said, raising his hand to glance at the time.

"Close the stall and go home."

Huidan and Rhubarb immediately packed their things in the car, and the three of them slowly walked towards the gate of the community.

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