My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 33: stand ready

Although Chen Qi asked the two of them to resign the next day, it took a month for Huidan and Rhubarb to be retained by the leader before they resigned.

After leaving the company, the gray egg rhubarb who returned home did not immediately go to buy a stall car, but divided the work at home.

Rhubarb knew that the braised dishes he made were not as delicious as gray eggs, so he decided to take the job of cashier and greeting guests.

After the division of work, it still did not open immediately, and Huidan tried the most perfect marinade at home, and the condiments used to mix marinated vegetables.

Since choosing to sell braised vegetables, the taste of braised vegetables must be stable. This was when Grandpa Liu told Huidan that the most important thing in opening a store by himself is to have a stable taste, and not to have one taste a day. Once a customer eats something that does not suit his appetite, he will never go back.

As a result, the residents in the community smelled an outrageous aroma of braised vegetables every night.

Some people with weak willpower even ordered takeout after dinner.

So much so that Chen Qi could hear the complaints of his neighbors in the elevator.

"Sister Li, I've gained a few kilograms by adding meals every night recently. I really hate it!"

"Who messed with you?"

"Oh, I don't know which family in our building marinates things every night. I lost weight and ate less for dinner. But when I smell this, it makes me greedy..."

"I smelled it too, don't say it's really fragrant, I want to ask them for a recipe for marinated vegetables."

The two people in the elevator said a sentence to me, and quickly got out of the elevator.

Although he was told behind his back, Chen Qi was happy. Some people recognized the craftsmanship of Huidan, and there must be business after this braised vegetable was spread.

When he got home, Chen Qi told Huidan, who was busy in the kitchen, what he had heard.

After hearing this, Hui Dan silently took a chopstick and dipped a bit of seasoning, and handed it to Chen Qi's mouth.

"You taste salty."

Chen Qi lowered his head and took a light sip, smacking his mouth to savor the taste.

"Hmm-" Chen Qi frowned and thought for a few seconds, then suddenly raised his brows and smiled, "It tastes good!"

"Really..." His brows and eyes were drooping when he looked at the seasoning gray eggs in the bowl.

In order to make braised vegetables as popular as Grandpa Liu, Huidan stayed in the kitchen every day to study, and sometimes he stayed in the kitchen almost all day.

"The braised dishes you made are really good, Huidan, and they haven't even opened yet. Someone already wants your braised recipe."

Chen Qi held Gray Egg's hand to encourage him.

"The taste of gray eggs has caught up with Grandpa." Rhubarb also encouraged.

"Rhubarb... Can I really make it as good as Grandpa Liu's?" Gray Egg's voice trembled slightly, with suspicion in his tone.

Rhubarb looked at the gray eggs and nodded vigorously, with a firm tone in his tone: "Well. What you do is comparable to grandpa's taste."

Chen Qi felt Huidan's tense body relax, and knew that it was time to buy a mobile stall car.

In the afternoon, the three of them searched the Internet together to find out where to find a mobile stall car. To be precise, Chen Qi was searching, and the other two were watching.

After some searching, Chen Qi really found several stores. These stores are all located in the local Auto Expo Center market. It only takes an hour to take the subway.

The next day, Chen Qi and his party went out early and took the light rail to the Auto Expo Center Market. They found the first one according to the address they searched on the Internet yesterday.

When the boss saw that customers came as soon as the door opened, he introduced Chen Qi and the three with enthusiasm.

Chen Qi put his hand in his pocket and asked the price after listening to the boss's introduction. However, the price given by the boss is not cheap, and Chen Qi will leave as soon as he hears it. But was stopped by the boss and got a new price.

Seeing Chen Qi's hesitation, Huidan whispered in Chen Qi's ear, "Let's go to the other two."

Chen Qi nodded silently and was about to turn to leave when the boss gritted his teeth and offered a new price.

Listening to the boss's offer, Chen Qi's heart moved, but he said indifferently, "Let's take a look."

After the three of them walked out of the store, the boss said unwillingly behind his ears: "This price is already the best price."

But Chen Qi has other plans in mind. She wants to compare the current lowest price with several other companies, and then buy the best ones.

But the ideal is beautiful, the reality is cruel.

Compared with the enthusiasm of the first owner, the attitudes of the other companies are either cold; or the price has never reached Chen Qi's budget.

The form is compelling, the three of Chen Qi looked at each other and returned to the first store in a tacit understanding.

The owner of the first store was an uncle. Seeing Chen Qi and the three approaching, he smiled and said, "I'm not bragging, my price is already the cheapest."

After listening to the boss's boast, Chen Qi asked him if he could send the car to his home, because he could not drive this electric tricycle.

The boss laughed: "You buy it and I will teach it right away. You can learn it in ten minutes and drive home by yourself."

Seeing the boss say it so easily, Chen Qi stared in disbelief.

Learning to drive a car can take months!

Seeing the hesitation of the customer in front of her, the boss enthusiastically asked her to get in the car for a test drive.

Chen Qi shook his head again and again, seeing that Chen Qi rejected the boss and strongly recommended Huidan and Rhubarb for a test drive.

Huidan and Dahuang saw that Chen Qi had refused, and they also refused the boss's strong invitation.

The boss took the money with regret, gave Chen Qi an invoice and a receipt, and said that he would send the tricycle over in the afternoon.

As a transfer station for several other subway stations, the Metro Auto Expo Center Station has always had a surprisingly large flow of people.

Even at noon on weekdays, the three of Chen Qi waited for two subway trains before they squeezed into the carriage.

"When are you going to learn tricycles?" There were no handrails to cling to in the crowded carriage, so Chen Qi had to hug Huidan's waist tightly.

"Does a tricycle also require a driver's license?" Gray Egg asked.

"Then, of course, only bicycles don't need a license."

"But we are only near the community, so we can't ride very far." Da Huang suddenly said.

This reminded Chen Qi, but after thinking about it, it would be safer to take a driver's license test, and decided to find a time for Huidan or Rhubarb to take the test.

The problem of the stall car has been solved, and it is time to prepare the braised vegetables. After getting off the subway, the three of them went straight to the vegetable market to buy chicken, duck and pig feet, duck heart and duck liver that will be marinated today.

Considering that tomorrow is the first day of the booth, I don't know which is the most popular, so I don't buy many things.

But there were also several large bags, adding up to a dozen pounds. Chen Qi put some in the trolley, and Huidan and Rhubarb took care of the rest.

He took a taxi and drove directly to the door. As soon as he entered the door, Chen Qi put down the trolley and slumped on the sofa.

Gray Egg and Rhubarb went directly into the kitchen with a few large bags in one breath, and then they were eagerly preparing for the stall.

Gray Egg opened his pocket and took out the ingredients inside and put it in the sink, while Rhubarb took out a silver cauldron with a diameter of about 50 cm from the cabinet—a cauldron specially bought for braised ingredients.

The rhubarb is cleaning the ingredients, and the gray eggs are starting to prepare the marinade. Take out all kinds of spices from the cabinet, and put the spices into the pot in turn according to the secret recipe made a few days ago.

Half-dreaming and half-awake, Chen Qi smelled a strange medicinal smell.

Um, who's cooking the medicine?

Chen Qi opened his sleepy eyes and looked at the room in confusion. After a while, he realized that the gray egg was mixed with the brine.

Yawning, Chen Qi stumbled back to sleep, and when he woke up again, the pungent medicinal smell changed to Luweixiang.

"Goo~" There was a thunderous sound in the stomach.

Chen Qi rubbed his empty stomach and sat up slowly, looking out the window it was already dark.

Huidan, who was busy in the kitchen, moved his ears and said to Da Huang, who was cleaning up, "Aqi is awake."

Then turn on the gas stove and start cooking, and the gray egg moves skillfully and quickly to prepare dinner.

"Aqi can eat now." He said softly with a dish of gray eggs.

At this time, Chen Qi's face was confused, and he was still half asleep.

How long have I slept? Chen Qi thought about taking out his mobile phone and saw that he had slept from the afternoon until eight o'clock in the evening.

No wonder my head is still dizzy.

"Did you not eat?" Chen Qi asked suddenly.

"I've been stewing things." Huidan put the steaming white rice in front of Chen Qi.

"Is the stewed vegetables ready for tomorrow?"

"Not yet." Da Huang returned.

Chen Qi curiously entered the kitchen and opened a silver cauldron on the stove.

In an instant, a vast white water vapor rushed up, and Chen Qi fanned the water vapor, only to see that the pot was full and the ingredients were shaking slightly in the boiling brine.

Satisfied curiosity, Chen Qi quickly covered the pot.

"Aki, come here."

With another urging from Huidan, Chen Qi returned to the dining table.

After dinner, Chen Qi turned on the computer and started coding. Chen Qi opened the document nervously, hoping that he could finish it sooner.

The gray eggs and rhubarb returned to the kitchen, and they continued to marinate the unfinished ingredients.

But until Chen Qi closed the document and got into the bed after taking a shower, Huidan and Rhubarb were still busy.

Looking at the empty pillow next to him, Chen Qi wrapped himself in the quilt unaccustomedly and closed his eyes.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Qi felt a little sunken beside him in a daze, and then the man hugged him again.

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