My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 26: in trouble

As expected by Grandpa Liu, Huidan replied the next day that he wanted to learn the craft of braised vegetables from himself.

Gray Egg was not very emotional, Grandpa Liu asked, "Does the family disagree?"

Seeing Huidan shaking his head, Grandpa Liu raised his brows: "If you agree, be happy. Young people don't keep a sullen face all day."

Grandpa Liu patted Huidan on the shoulder as he spoke. Rhubarb followed his example and patted Huidan twice.

"Today, I will teach you slowly starting from the selection of ingredients. It's useless if the ingredients are not well-chosen and the marinade is well-matched. Poor pork has a strange taste, and duck wings have a fishy and pungent taste if not selected properly."

Grandpa Liu just selected the ingredients and talked for ten minutes, "You will open your own braised vegetable shop in the future, and you will go to the vegetable market at 5 or 6 o'clock, and you can buy the freshest ingredients at that time. You go and see."

Hearing that, the gray eggs and rhubarbs nodded in unison. I haven't woken up so early, and I'm still a little excited.

After Grandpa Liu finished speaking, he stopped to take a few sips of water, and took out a large bag of things from the kitchen. Before Grandpa Liu entered the gray egg, he smelled the smell from the bag.

Open the pockets of gray eggs and rhubarb and take a closer look, there are more spices than yesterday, each packaged individually in a clear plastic bag.

Although the small pocket containing the spices had not been opened, Gray Egg could already smell the rich flavor of different spices mixed together.

Grandpa Liu opened his pockets one by one, and the flavors of different spices were more intense, and the pungent or spicy flavor filled the nostrils of Gray Egg.

"This... did you do it?" There was uncertainty in his tone.

Huidan nodded heavily, "From the selection of ingredients to the stewing, I did it all by myself. Aqi, try it out. Grandpa said that I have successfully graduated!"

It only took three or four days for Huidan to go to Grandpa Liu's house to learn braised vegetables, so he could be a teacher so soon?

The braised pig's trotters in front of Chen Qi were bright and yellow in color, and the smell of the braised pig's trotters floated into his nose spontaneously, and his mouth began to secrete saliva involuntarily.

Chen Qi tore off a small piece and put it in his mouth under the fiery expectant gaze of Grey Egg. This was definitely not because he couldn't stand the drooling.

The soft and glutinous pork skin also has a little lean meat, and Chen Qi can easily swallow it into his stomach without chewing.

"Is it delicious?" Huidan nervously waited for Chen Qi's "trial".

Chen Qi's body was shocked, and he said with a guilty conscience: "Well... I have to try it again."

After speaking, Chen Qi directly tore a large piece, swallowed it, and tore another piece. After two or three times, Chen Qi directly grabbed the pig's trotter and started gnawing.

"What's wrong? Does it taste wrong? Is it because there is too much pepper, or the taste is very astringent."

Frightened by Chen Qi's reaction, Huidan panicked and tried desperately to recall whether he had added less spices, or a step he didn't do well, and even patted his head.

"Hiccup tastes so good, I didn't think you could make it so delicious after only a few days of learning."

Gray Egg, who was still nervous just now, laughed like a sunny day.

"Is it really delicious? Aqi didn't lie to me, did he?"

After a long absence, Huidan saw the familiar white eyes, and the heart that had been hanging finally came to the ground.

"Great, great."

"You can say it, why are you holding me!"

Chen Qi was tightly hugged by the gray egg, and he wanted to push it away, but his hands were full of oil, and Chen Qi was not good at starting directly. When his face was removed from the gray egg's clothes, Chen Qi's sharp eyes noticed the oil stains on his mouth. on the grey egg clothes.

Just as he was about to get angry, Gray Egg kept saying "Great" in his ears.

Pfft~ The anger in Chen Qi's heart has been extinguished. Could it be that he was scolded by Grandpa Liu? Forget it, don't talk about him.

"Grey've done a good job, next time..."

Chen Qi racked his brains to comfort Huidan, but before he finished speaking, Huidan let go of himself, picked up the plate on the table and trotted into the kitchen, leaving behind a sentence, "I'm going to wash the dishes."

Only Chen Qi who blinked in place, who am I? where am I? what just happened

"What did your family say?"

As soon as Gray Egg entered the door, Grandpa Liu asked, with a smile on his face, "She said it was delicious, but she's finished!"

Very proud in his tone.

This answer to Grandpa Liu has no doubts at all, "Don't be too happy. Yesterday is yesterday and today is today. If you did well yesterday, it doesn't mean you can do well today."

Gray Egg withdrew his smile, and his expression gradually became solemn.

Be sure to learn to hold Aqi's stomach seriously! Gray Egg clenched his fists and made up his mind.

Seeing that the gray egg quickly became serious, Grandpa Liu was very satisfied that he was an obedient and talented student. Looking at the smiling rhubarb, Grandpa Liu couldn't help feeling a little discouraged when he thought of the braised pig's trotters he made yesterday.

Alas, take your time, learn as much as you can.

Adjusting the mood, Grandpa Liu started today's teaching.

After being busy for a while, the three sat in the living room to rest for a while. Grandpa Liu was drinking water when he listened to Huidan's question.

"What does grandpa like"

Grandpa Liu almost choked, and after a few coughs, he said, "Why are you asking this? I just want to be with her every day, miss her wherever I go, and want to marry her and have a baby."

Grandpa Liu has often recalled the scene when he fell in love with his wife recently.

"So this is...then I..." Gray Egg mumbled vaguely.

After the recollection, Grandpa Liu interrupted Huidan's thoughts: "Okay, don't think about it, go watch the pot and watch out for burns."

Grandpa Liu spoke, and Huidan stopped thinking about it, and went to the kitchen obediently.

"What about me, grandpa?" Da Huang asked expectantly.

But seeing his grandfather looking at him lovingly, the words he said made Rhubarb even more shocked, "Don't go and make trouble, you will be responsible for other things in the future."

Ok? Responsible for what? Rhubarb was so confused that he couldn't understand what Grandpa said recently.

Just a little grumbling, Da Huang still sat obediently beside Grandpa Liu and accompanies him to chat with him about his recent graduation in school.

He walked out of Grandpa Liu's house with today's freshly made braised vegetables in his hand. Huidan stood at the elevator door waiting for the elevator to come up. After a while, the elevator door opened, and a middle-aged woman with a vegetable basket came out.

The middle-aged woman stared at the vegetable bowl in Huidan's hand with sharp eyes, and said with a smile, "Yo boy, what are you doing is really delicious."

Being approached by a stranger, Gray Egg didn't know what to do, so he forced a smile and rushed into the elevator. The middle-aged woman didn't care, and walked past Grandpa Liu's door with a vegetable basket.

The middle-aged woman sniffed again and muttered, "What is this old Liu doing at home every day when he doesn't open a shop?"

Back home, Huidan told Chen Qi about this little episode, and Chen Qi laughed after hearing it: "This shows that your cooking is delicious, and you can open a braised vegetable restaurant by yourself in the future."

After finishing speaking, Chen Qi lowered his head and continued to play with the phone, but obviously began to lose his mind.

In the past few days, Chen Qi didn't know if there was something wrong with him. As long as he thought about and mentioned what happened after Huidan graduated, he would be inexplicably irritable, and his mood would drop to the bottom.

It's not so obvious when Gray Egg is at home. Watching him sell stupid, or be entangled by his clingy Dafa, he has no time to think about all these messes, but once there is only oneself at home, a strange sense of loneliness will always radiate from the depths of my heart. come out.

Maybe find a time to call Aya and talk to her. She was busy with work two days ago.

Why don't you ask WeChat first? Chen Qi opened WeChat and sent a message to a good friend.

"Aqi, try it, is today's better than yesterday's?"

Seeing Chen Qi lowering his head and fiddling with his phone, Huidan anxiously shook Chen Qi's arm, trying to find a sense of existence in front of Chen Qi.


After the news was sent, there was no movement, and Huidan was next to him again to let himself taste today's work.

"Eat it right away." Chen Qi's tone unconsciously carried a hint of pampering, he really couldn't handle this stupid dog~

Today's stew is a vegetarian dish - yuba and lotus root slices.

Chen Qi's eyes lit up. Yesterday, the whole pig's trotters went down on his stomach, so today he has been greasy, and he has no appetite for lunch. Today, the vegetarian dishes brought back by Huidan are just right.

Seeing that Chen Qi raised his head to see the raised corner of his mouth after the sauerkraut, Huidan was satisfied, and didn't care that Chen Qi ignored him while playing with his phone.

"This lotus root is delicious and refreshing."

After two consecutive days of praise, Huidan completely let go of his worries, and it seemed that he had firmly tied A Qi's stomach. After graduation, Aqi will not drive himself out of the house.

Gray Egg stared at Chen Qi with a smirk in his eyes. Under the incandescent lamp, Chen Qi's mouth opened and closed, and he saw a strange feeling flowing in his chest. Gray Egg found that his face was suddenly extremely hot.

Putting another piece of lotus root in his mouth, Chen Qi looked at the gray egg with a strange look and covered his cheek, his expression rippling.

This stupid dog doesn't understand, um lotus root is delicious.

Chen Qi's eyes were very disgusting, but in his heart he felt that Gray Egg was kind and cute like this?

"Den!" The phone rang suddenly, and when I opened it, it turned out that it was a WeChat message from a good friend.

Has Xiao Qi encountered emotional problems? - Cover your mouth and laugh.JPG

Chen Qi was stunned when he stopped holding the dish, wondering why his good friend asked this.

Picking up the phone while Huidan was still smirking, Chen Qi slipped into the bedroom to call Wang Ya and ask her what she meant.

As the days passed, and the school curriculum was approaching graduation, Huidan gradually became busy, so he had to go to Grandpa Liu's house every three minutes to learn braised vegetables.

Even so, with the growing satisfaction of Grandpa Liu, Huidan successfully graduated. It is part of his talent to be able to do so quickly, and part of it is that Grandpa Liu's health has been getting worse and worse recently. For the sake of his health, Huidan asked to end his studies early and let Grandpa Liu Recuperate in peace.

Grandpa Liu originally wanted to teach Huidan more, but after the strong opposition from Rhubarb and Huidan, he did not reluctantly, so he recuperated at home with peace of mind.

On the other side, Chen Qi's mood was getting lower and lower.

Since calling her good friend Wang Ya that day, Chen Qi has been in a trance of self-doubt, surprise, and disbelief.

On the phone, Wang Ya rationally and calmly analyzed Chen Qi's current situation and future, saying that rabbits don't eat the grass at the edge of the nest. Judging from the current situation of Chen Qi and Huidan, the "grass at the edge of the nest" is a Couldn't be more suitable.

Chen Qi held the phone for a long time and was speechless. Finally, Wang Ya said earnestly, "Xiao Qi, I hope you can be happy. The gray egg turned into a human may be a gift from your parents."

Chen Qi lost sleep that night, and asked her to look at the gray eggs from "pet" to "partner". Chen Qi's arm burst with goose bumps. Maybe Aya was right, but Chen Qi hesitated inexplicably and was in pain. Thinking about it in the middle of the night, Chen Qi whimpered and wrapped himself in the quilt.

It wasn't until the early morning that Chen Qi fell asleep in a daze, and then had a dream. In the dream, there was a gray egg with himself, and there was a girl who didn't recognize her face, but unexpectedly felt very beautiful.

Huidan held the girl's hand and thanked Chen Qi with a smile, thanking Chen Qi for raising him for so long.

The first thing that happened when he woke up, Chen Qi wiped his eyes with his hands.

Chen Qi's depressed mood can be seen in Huidan's eyes. He clearly got along well last week, but these few days seem to have returned to the starting point of several months. He avoided himself and ran into the bedroom after dinner.

Could it be that the braised vegetables are not delicious? Feeling that he had found the reason, Huidan worked hard to upgrade his braised vegetable technology. If the seasoning is not good, he will try it every day, and if the seasoning is not right, he will braise it every day.

However—Chen Qi is tired of smelling it, but he is bitter to the neighbors around him. He smells the fragrance from the house next door every day, but he can't eat it, not to mention how annoying it is.

Chen Qi and Huidan don't know about the suffering of the neighbors, but the graduation ceremony of Huidan School will be held in three days. Chen Qi is very nervous and scared. Why is this happening?

Chen Qi doesn't want to know, she just hides from Grey Egg every day like a tortoise with her head shrunk. She also knows that what she is doing is wrong, she should seriously ask Grey Egg what she thinks, but...she doesn't have the courage, if what she gets is something she doesn't want The answer you want.

Time did not wait for Chen Qi to think about it, and it was the day of the graduation ceremony.

In front of the station, Chen Qi saw Da Huang standing there alone.

"Are you alone, Rhubarb?"

Da Huang squeezed the strap of his schoolbag tightly and said in a low voice, "Grandpa is not feeling well."

Since Grandpa Liu was hospitalized, Chen Qi hadn't seen Grandpa Liu, and hurriedly said, "Did you go to the hospital?"

Rhubarb slumped his shoulders, a little helpless: "Grandpa has to ask me to attend the graduation ceremony, and then go to the hospital after that."

After Da Huang finished speaking, no one spoke, and the three of them stood at the station with different expressions. The moment he stepped on the bus, Chen Qi had the urge to turn around and go home immediately.

After getting on the bus, Chen Qi pulled the handrail and stared at the rapidly receding scene outside the window in a daze. There were more and more people stopping at each stop.

The middle-aged man standing beside Chen Qi didn't stand firm and grabbed Chen Qi's hand in a random manner. Chen Qi frowned and pulled out his hand.

Huidan silently embraced Chen Qi's shoulders and asked her to walk behind him. Chen Qi was surrounded by Huidan in the corner, the tip of his nose was against his warm chest/stomach, he looked up and Huidan just met his gaze, and Huidan was silently speaking. Looking at himself, for a moment Chen Qi felt that the gray egg was like a loyal knight.

Seeing himself reflected in Huidan's eyes, Chen Qi's nose was inexplicably pantothenic, and then he pressed his forehead against Huidan's chest/mouth without saying a word.

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