My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 25: learn a craft

"Hey, gray egg, go this way."

Huidan trotted along with Chen Qi carrying the large and small bags of medicine, and people in the hospital almost followed the wrong person.

Chen Qi glanced at a passerby who was dressed in a similar color to himself, and Gray Egg looked at Chen Qi helplessly.

"I want to go with someone else" Chen Qi was half-smiling.

"There's no—" Gray Egg was very aggrieved.

Returning to the inpatient department with gray eggs, receiving the discharge certificate from the nurse, the two went up another floor and walked through the corridor into a ward.

As soon as he entered the door, Da Huang, who was sitting beside the hospital bed, immediately got up and took the medicine in Huidan's hand. Chen Qi gave a dark cloth pocket with cash to Grandpa Liu.

Grandpa Liu took the pocket without looking at it, and said, "I really trouble you to run up and down for me." There was a very embarrassed tone in his voice.

"Nothing, nothing."

Chen Qi answered in a low voice, and then asked Huidan to help Grandpa Liu get the items. Da Huang wanted to take it, but was rushed by Huidan to help Grandpa Liu.

After getting out of the taxi, Grandpa Liu kept persuading Huidan to give his luggage to himself and Rhubarb, and Huidan rushed forward with a bag on his back, a large bag in his hand, and a small bag in his hand.

"It's not too heavy for the gray egg to move." Chen Qi explained for the gray egg, and the two sent Grandpa Liu directly to the door.

Grandpa Liu tried his best to let Chen Qi and Huidan stay for dinner. Chen Qi excused that he had something to leave at home, and then carefully closed the security door and left.

"Good boy..." Grandpa Liu said while looking at the door.

Da Huang first put Grandpa Liu's clothes into the room, and then put the medicine pocket on the coffee table for Grandpa Liu to see.

"Grandpa, do you still open a braised vegetable shop?" Rhubarb asked suddenly.

Grandpa Liu was carefully looking at the description of the medicine. Hearing what Da Huang said, he put down the medicine box in his hand and looked at the ground silently.

"Let's take one step at a time." After about half a minute, Grandpa Liu said helplessly. After speaking, he would stand up and Da Huang quickly supported Grandpa Liu.

"What are you doing, Grandpa?" Da Huang was taken aback by Grandpa Liu's move.

"Of course it's cooking, aren't you hungry?"

"Grandpa, you need to rest now, um... I still have sparerib soup in the refrigerator. I'll go and warm it up."

Rhubarb said and ran into the kitchen.

The food was ready soon. Looking at the pork rib soup and stir-fried bean curd on the table, Grandpa Liu took a deep sniff, and his appetite increased.

"You can still cook these days when I'm in the hospital." After drinking a mouthful of pork rib soup, Grandpa Liu was pleasantly surprised that rhubarb's craftsmanship improved by leaps and bounds.

He swallowed a piece of double-cooked pork rhubarb and shook his head, "It was made by Huidan at home, as were the ones sent to the hospital before."

Grandpa Liu smiled and said, "I thought you bought it from a restaurant, but it turned out to be made of gray eggs."

A bowl of soup for Grandpa Liu, Da Huang said, "It's him who buys and cooks at Huidan's house."

Well, he is a good guy. After drinking the soup, Grandpa Liu applauded in his heart.

A meal, Grandpa Liu and Rhubarb were quickly finished. Rhubarb put away the tableware and went to the kitchen, and Grandpa Liu sat back on the sofa and picked up the medicine in his pocket.

When Rhubarb was sitting next to Grandpa Liu after his busy work, Grandpa Liu suddenly said, "When you have time on vacation, bring Gray Egg to your house to play."

Rhubarb nodded obediently in agreement.

"Grandpa Liu really doesn't open a braised vegetable shop?!"

These days, Huidan always came home from school on time. Chen Qi, who was so annoyed by the clingy Huidan, finally couldn't sit still and asked whether Huidan would go to Grandpa Liu's braised vegetable shop to help.

It seems that what happened that day really hurt Grandpa Liu. Chen Qi thought to himself while playing with his mobile phone.

About a minute later, after seeing Chen Qi asking him, he kept lowering his head and playing with his mobile phone, Huidan moved his body close to Chen Qi, staring at Chen Qi.

"Well...Xiao Qi, Grandpa Liu invited me to play at his house."

"Go." Chen Qi replied perfunctorily. Chen Qi replied simply, Huidan was very unhappy holding his tail, how to see Chen Qi's mobile phone so annoying.

"Hmph, don't leave me every time." The gray egg ravaged his tail and whispered.

It took about three seconds for Chen Qi to react: "What did you just say?"

After hearing this, Gray Egg stood up from the sofa and said disappointedly, "I'm leaving."

Chen Qi sighed, and laughed out loud for some video.

Gray Egg increased his voice again: "I'm leaving—"


"Maybe I'll be back late at night!"


Aqi is too indifferent ~ closed the door with a very unwilling gray egg.

"Oh stupid dog."

Hearing the sound of the door closing, the corner of Chen Qi's mouth rose slightly, and he rolled over on the sofa and continued to indulge in the video app.

After going out, Huidan kept his head down, and when he arrived at Grandpa Liu's house, he didn't seem interested when he smelled the fragrant braised vegetables.

"Hui Dan, you're here." Seeing that Hui Dan came, Grandpa Liu greeted him with a smile and greeted him into the kitchen.

Chicken feet and duck wings are being marinated in the pot.

"Come and have a taste." Grandpa Liu clipped a duck wing to the gray egg and the rhubarb respectively.

"It's delicious! Grandpa's cooking is delicious." Rhubarb couldn't wait to praise after taking a bite. He nibbled the duck wings cleanly and looked at Grandpa Liu expectantly.

After eating the gray egg, he frowned slightly and did not speak.

Grandpa Liu smiled slightly, scooped a spoonful of the stewed vegetable soup and handed it to Huidan: "Try this, you can taste it."

One mouthful or two mouthfuls of the salty soup went down to Huidan and said, "It seems to be different from what I did before..." Huidan said hesitantly.

Grandpa Liu nodded heavily, "What's the difference?"

Huidan tasted the taste in his mouth carefully, "The fragrance is almost... I put too much pepper, and it's still a bit astringent." In the end, Huidan became more and more certain.

After hearing this, Rhubarb put his head to the side of the pot and his nose and fanned it. He took another duck wing and took a bite, wondering why he didn't eat it.

Grandpa Liu saw Rhubarb's actions in his eyes, and smiled and rubbed two handfuls of Rhubarb's hair as a sign of comfort.

"Grey egg, would you like to learn this craft?"

Gray Egg and Rhubarb looked at each other and didn't understand why Grandpa Liu said that.

Seeing Huidan's indecision, Grandpa Liu was not in a hurry to urge Huidan to give an answer immediately, and took out a bag from the cabinet.

"Come and smell the gray eggs, and rhubarb, too." Grandpa Liu said as he opened the bag.

Gray eggs and rhubarb took a closer look, and there were several other small packets in the bag, which contained spices such as star anise, cinnamon, and bay leaves.

Gray Egg took out a piece of fragrant leaf and put it under his nose to smell it carefully, and then sniffed the spice in his pocket again.

Rhubarb also picked up a star anise and sniffed it like a gray egg.

"I'm here to quiz you about a question." Seeing that the two of them were smelling the spices, Grandpa Liu picked up two small bags and said, "You two come to smell this, what's the difference?"

Grandpa Liu had a packet of red peppercorns and green rattan peppers in his hands.

In less than three seconds, Rhubarb said confidently, "The colors are different!"

"What about the taste?" Grandpa Liu grabbed some two kinds of peppercorns and put them in the palms of rhubarb and gray eggs.

Huidan smelled the two kinds of peppercorns back and forth to distinguish them, but Rhubarb couldn't wait to put the peppercorns directly into his mouth.

Grandpa Liu wanted to stop it, but it was too late.


Just chewing twice, the unique taste of Sichuan pepper fills the entire mouth instantly, Rhubarb touches his mouth and wants to cry without tears: "I can't feel my mouth anymore..."

"You... drink some water."

Grandpa Liu immediately poured a bowl of water and handed it to Rhubarb, and Rhubarb breathed a sigh of relief with a bowl of boiled water.

After seeing the rhubarb relieved a lot, Grandpa Liu said, "Don't put it directly into your mouth like rhubarb."

Gray Egg nodded.

Grandpa Liu said again, "What do you think is the difference between these two kinds of peppers?"

Looking at the two different colored peppercorns in his hand, Huidan licked the green vine peppers.

Da Huang exclaimed: "Grey egg, don't..."

Gray Egg looked at Rhubarb blankly, and said to Grandpa Liu, "Red peppers smell more fragrant, while green ones are more spicy."

After listening to Grandpa Liu's smile, he couldn't hold back his excitement and said hello three times. Seeing Rhubarb looking at him worriedly, Grandpa Liu heaved a sigh of relief, controlled his excitement and asked Huidan, "Greydan, tell me why you are I don't want to learn"

Because I want to accompany Aqi!

Huidan shouted in his heart that he finally didn't have to go to the sauerkraut shop. He could see Aqi when he came home from school. If he came to learn how to make sauerkraut every day, he would spend less time with Aqi!

Gray Egg's thoughts went round and round in his head, and finally he whispered: "Well...Aqi may...will disagree..."

Grandpa Liu laughed, how could he not understand the little Jiujiu in Huidan's heart, the young man just couldn't hide it.

Grandpa Liu was not in a hurry to ask Huidan to agree, "Do you know how I caught up with my wife?"

Huidan and Rhubarb looked at each other, not understanding why Grandpa Liu mentioned this.

"Come, come and go to the living room, sit down and talk." Grandpa Liu greeted Huidan and Rhubarb to sit in the living room and slowly talked about the past.

"My wife was the most beautiful and beautiful girl in the village at that time." Grandpa Liu took out a yellowed photo. The girl in the photo had two big braids and her eyes were like watery black grapes.

"Don't look at her gentle and gentle personality, but she has a very hot personality. Even so, there are a lot of guys in the village who like her, and I am no exception. But old man, I was not good-looking and my family was poor. When I met her, I didn't even dare to take a second glance." Rubbing the face of the girl in the photo, Grandpa Liu brought infinite thoughts and memories.

"Later, I was taken by relatives to a large restaurant in the county town to work as a helper. One of the masters taught me the craft of braised cabbage when he met me. In this way, I had the skill to eat and make money myself, so I dared to pursue it. She. At that time, I would steal a little and bring it to her every day while the master taught me, but I knew that I was stealing from the master.”

Although it happened decades ago, in Grandpa Liu's memory, it seems like it happened yesterday. Until now, Grandpa Liu is still very grateful to that kind master.

"As the old saying goes, if you want to tie a man, you have to tie his stomach, but if you want to tie a woman, you have to tie her stomach."

Recalling the past events, the past events in Grandpa Liu's mind kept flashing like a movie from the old days.

Relying on delicious food, Aqi's gray eggs can be tied down. On the one hand, he is stunned by what Grandpa Liu said, but on the other hand, he doubts whether what Grandpa Liu said is true.


Suddenly, the image of Chen Qi's praise of Grandpa Liu's braised vegetables flashed back in Huidan's mind. It might be possible to keep the delicious food by A Qi's side...

After Grandpa Liu finished speaking, he kept observing Huidan's performance, and Huidan's face was like a roller coaster for a while with a sigh and a smirk.

"Have you thought about what to do after graduation?"

Gray Egg shook his head in a daze, not really thinking about it.

"Let me put it this way, if you get married one day, do you know how to support a family?"

"Knot... get married." Huidan Mo Ming blushed and stuttered, unable to speak, and finally had to shake his head to answer Grandpa Liu's question.

"It's not like we were back then. When you go out to look for a job, you look at your diploma. Oh, there are also people who make money every day without looking at their diploma. Can you two do it?"

This time, Rhubarb also joins Huidan and shakes his head together. I've never seen him earn money just by howling in front of his phone.

Human society is really complicated.

The two idiots who shook their heads sighed together in their hearts.

"So, it's very necessary to learn a craft so that you can support your future wife."

Grandpa Liu stared straight at Huidan, and Huidan's normal face turned red again with great difficulty. Why did Grandpa Liu keep saying that he was getting married? Someone else remembered.

But the brain cannot be controlled by Gray Egg. When he blushes for the first time, a vague figure looms in Gray Egg's mind.

Seeing that it was getting late, Grandpa Liu didn't persuade Huidan any more, and let him go home and think about it. Huidan's final performance has been understood, and Grandpa Liu is confident about it.

Seeing that Grandpa Liu kept staring at the closed door, Da Huang asked curiously, "What about me, Grandpa?"

Grandpa Liu looked at Rhubarb lovingly: "You also learn together, it's a big deal if you don't learn well, you can help Huidan fight and sit and collect money."

"Do you want to go back to open a braised vegetable shop after receiving the money?" Rhubarb was very surprised, didn't he say he couldn't open it?

Reaching out his hand, Grandpa Liu rubbed Rhubarb's soft ears, and changed the subject: "I will go to the housing management bureau with me on vacation next week. By the way, I will give you this key."

Rhubarb said that he took the key and felt familiar. After a while, he said, "This is the key to the sauerkraut shop."

"Anyway, I don't open a shop anymore. I'm worried about this key. You must take good care of it, especially don't let my nasty things see it."

Rhubarb rarely saw Grandpa Liu speak to him so seriously and solemnly, and immediately said that he must hide the key, although he didn't know why.

Because it was rare to wait for the elevator, Huidan walked on the stairs and his thoughts began to slowly diverge.

Thinking of staying by A Qi's side, Hui Dan sighed secretly.

The school's courses have come to an end, and the students in the class are discussing whether to stay in the current family after graduation, whether to go outside or stay with the old master. This has become a matter of discussion and even quarrel.

Why did it develop into a quarrel? The reason was that Teacher Anna invited a classmate who had achieved a little after graduating from school.

The original intention was to invite him to share his experience in human society with everyone, but the classmate was a mixed-breed dog of unknown origin before he turned into a pet. He had a bad life as a pet. People have one more mouth to eat. Reluctantly raised him until the day he graduated, and drove him out of the house on the day of graduation.

Although the classmate already had his own company when he was invited back by Teacher Anna, and the clothes were all big names, but because of the previous owner, the classmate was full of prejudice against ordinary humans, especially those who kept pets. .

"Humans raise us just to satisfy their selfish desires! Once we are useless, they will abandon us mercilessly!"

After all, he was a classmate from gold sales, and his provocative words moved many students in the class, including Huidan.

Huidan didn't think that Aqi was full of selfish desires, nor did he feel that Aqi was bullying the soft (dog) or afraid of being tough, but he was always afraid that Aqi would drive him out of the house after graduation.

The more I learn in school, the more and more Huidan worries about this aspect. What if A Qi really wants to drive him away? Hold her tight and don't leave?

"Ah~" Chen Qi raised his neck and stretched his waist, put down his phone, stood up, and twisted his waist a few times with his hands on his hips.

Glancing at the time, it's half past eight? !

Why hasn't the gray egg come back, is Grandpa Liu's house so fun?

When he walked to the window and looked at the neighborhood where the lights were just beginning to come on, Chen Qi's heart was empty.

A few days ago, I heard Huidan say that she would graduate after a while. Chen Qi's first reaction was that she was the only one left at home.

Every time I think about this these days, Chen Qi always has unspeakable anxiety in his heart, so watching funny videos has become a way to vent.

But as long as Chen Qi puts down his phone, those depressed emotions will find Chen Qi again.

"I'm so hard to serve."

I thought that I thought gray eggs were too sticky before, but now I think...

Chen Qi shook his head sharply and patted his face.

What strange things are you thinking about?

In order to ease his mood, Chen Qi decided to take a shower~

After taking a change of clothes, Chen Qi stepped into the bathroom and heard the door open.

Chen Qi turned around subconsciously and looked over, only to see Ai Ai approaching the gray egg period, Chen Qi quickly closed the door and opened the shower, and the anxiety in his heart suddenly disappeared in half.

This stupid dog knows how to come back.

As soon as he entered the door, Huidan had a face-to-face with Chen Qi, and was mercilessly locked out of the toilet, and Huidan was even more worried.

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