My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 24: Tear X drama (below)

The small ward was full of people standing there, no one in the room said a word, and they all looked at the old man lying on the hospital bed in silence.

The old man leaned against the head of the bed and closed his eyes.

The nurse stood at the door with the iron plate with the medicine on it. Seeing the people in the ward blocked the door, she shouted in dissatisfaction, "Don't block all the door, the patient needs to breathe."

When everyone heard it, they all looked at the door, and the middle-aged men and women standing at the door moved into the room at the same time. The nurse walked to the bedside, changed the water bottle skillfully, and left after a few words.

As soon as the nurse came out of the door, a short, thin, wretched-looking middle-aged man spoke up. The person who spoke was Grandpa Liu's second son, and he was also one of the three who had caused trouble in the sauerkraut shop.

"You saw it too, old man. If I hadn't come here today with my eldest brother, if something went wrong with you, all the money in the family would have been scraped away by outsiders."

Chen Qi's heart suddenly felt disgusting, especially the smell of oil and sweat mixed with the smell of disinfectant in the room.

Huidan was sensitive to the fact that someone was approaching him, turned his head to see that it was Chen Qi, and covered his nose and looked at the three middle-aged men and women opposite him with disgust.

"Dad, thanks to Aunt San's reminder, or we didn't know that there was an outsider in the family suddenly." Seeing that Grandpa Liu never spoke, Da Liu's daughter-in-law also persuaded, "It is said that a dog is loyal, but once it becomes a human, people's hearts are unpredictable. Now, it is not without such a thing, the dog turned into a human and tricked the old man in the family to give him all the money, and his own children did not have a cent!"

As soon as Da Liu's daughter-in-law finished speaking, the tall and fat middle-aged man on the side spoke as if he was taking the baton, and the words couldn't be separated from Grandpa Liu's money.

"Dad, if you leave this time, what will you do with the money at home? It's all your hard-earned money."

Grandpa Liu, who had closed his eyes at first, finally opened his eyes and sneered at the eldest son in front of him with cold eyes.

"I didn't cheat grandpa's money!" Da Huang finally couldn't help defending himself.

"Of course you can't fool the old man, what if the old man is dead?!" The short and thin Er Liu jumped up and shouted angrily.

As soon as he finished speaking, Grandpa Liu was trembling with anger, Da Huang hated Er Liu, and followed Grandpa Liu's chest to tell him not to get too excited.

Chen Qi, who was disgusted from the nose to the heart, was also angry, "Grandpa Liu is hospitalized and you are still making trouble. If something happens, you have to wait until Grandpa Liu is discharged from the hospital to talk about it, okay?"

After Chen Qi finished speaking, Er Liu looked at him from head to toe, and Er Liu pointed at his nose.

"I just wanted to say, where did you come from? It's our family's family affairs that have nothing to do with you!"

When Hui Dan saw Er Liu moving towards Chen Qi with a vicious expression, the alarm suddenly sounded in his head, and Hui Dan bared his teeth and blocked Chen Qi behind him as if he was facing an enemy.

Er Liu, who was staring at Chen Qi's crooked nose just now, froze instantly. He raised his head and looked at the gray egg, who was almost a head taller than himself, "You, you, don't think I'm afraid, afraid of you," Er Liu muttered. Turning around and suddenly remembering something, he straightened his back, "I said why you are so kind, you must be trying to cheat the old man's money together!"

When Er Liu pointed at the nose and beat him down, Chen Qi was so angry that his blood vessels almost burst and his hands were shaking.

Seeing that Chen Qi was being bullied, the volcano that had been accumulating in Huidan's heart since he was in the store just erupted, and Huidan went straight forward and grabbed Er Liu's chest clothes, as if carrying a chicken.

"You, what are you doing!"

Gray Egg's sudden action shocked everyone in the ward.

The frightened Er Liu wanted to push the gray egg away, because the collar was tightly held, and the neck was strangled so hard that Er Liu had no ability to fight back.

Da Liu and Da Liu's daughter-in-law yelled for Huidan to put down Er Liu, otherwise you would be rude, but they didn't step forward to "rescue" Er Liu.

"Grey Egg, put him down." Grandpa Liu, who had been silent on the hospital bed, said.

Chen Qi also pulled Huidan's arm to persuade him to calm down. Huidan glanced at Grandpa Liu, saw that Grandpa Liu looked at Er Liu calmly, and then looked at Chen Qi who was holding his arm, and after three seconds, he forcefully pushed Er Liu. fling.

Da Liu and Da Liu's daughter-in-law saw Er Liu coming towards them and took two steps back to avoid them. Er Liu, who had no support, stumbled heavily beside the wall, scratching his neck and gasping for breath.

Grandpa Liu looked at his sons with cold eyes, "Money - I have already made arrangements." When Grandpa Liu mentioned the first word, Da Liu, Da Liu's daughter-in-law, and Er Liu instantly focused their attention on Grandpa Liu.

Seeing this, Chen Qi rolled his eyes at the three of them without reservation.

"I still have more than 200,000 pension funds, which will be yours in a hundred years."

"Dad... Where's the house?" Da Liu, who had not spoken, asked anxiously, and Grandpa Liu snorted coldly.

"The house - it's yours, but you have to wait for Rhubarb to live in it until he starts a family."

Da Liu's daughter-in-law was excited, "Dad! How can this be done? What if he keeps relying on the house and doesn't leave? In the future, Xiaojun, if you marry your grandson, what should you do if you want a house? You know our family's situation, how can we afford it? Xiaojun buys a house."

Er Liu is also very angry, how can this house let this big yellow dog blend in. When Er Liu's daughter-in-law just finished speaking, she was unwilling to be left behind: "Yes, Dad, you see, I don't have a house for your own son. Why can an alien dog live in my house, and I need a house to marry a wife."

Er Liu suddenly played the family card pitifully. Behind him, Da Liu and Da Liu's daughter-in-law's expressions changed. The two looked at each other and shook their heads invisibly.

Seeing the scene of the two people on the opposite side, Chen Qi's brain quickly turned a few corners and recalled that when Er Liu was thrown to the ground by the gray egg just now, he deeply felt that the "money-seeking alliance" on the opposite side was not reliable.

Grandpa Liu closed his eyes and paid no attention to the sons who were crying bitterly and poor. After the ward was completely quiet, he said leisurely: "The house is not allowed to live with Rhubarb. Rhubarb will get 50,000." Erliu frowned and wanted to make trouble again. But he was stared at by Grandpa Liu, "Whoever disagrees with the house has no share!"

As soon as the words came out, Da Liu and his wife, who were about to move, became quiet in an instant, and only Er Liu complained vaguely about why.

Da Liu's daughter-in-law cast a glance at Er Liu, and said to Grandpa Liu as if to make amends: "Since Dad has already made a plan, then the boss and I will not disturb. Dad, please rest well." After saying that, she pulled Da Liu's clothes and walked out of the ward. Da Liu didn't even notice that Grandpa Liu simply followed in his daughter-in-law's footsteps.

Er Liu stared at Rhubarb angrily for more than ten seconds, spit on the ground, and then greeted him without swaggering away.

The three annoying people left, but the stench of oil and sweat in the air did not dissipate. Chen Qi covered his nose with one hand and let out the air with the other.

Beside the bed, Da Huang watched Grandpa Liu resting against the pillow with his eyes closed, his frown showing Grandpa Liu's mood at this time. After hesitating, Zai San Huang suddenly said, "Grandpa, I..."

Grandpa Liu opened his eyes and interrupted Rhubarb, "Did you think fifty thousand is a lot, Rhubarb?" Rhubarb nodded.

Grandpa Liu shook his head slightly and smiled at the stupid big yellow boy, then turned to Chen Qi, "Thanks to you and Huidan being here today, otherwise my old life would be... ah~" There was anguish and sadness in his long breath.

Looking at the snow-white walls in the ward, Grandpa Liu's thoughts slowly drifted back to the scene when his wife was still there.

"It's all my fault that my wife left too early because I didn't discipline me... Fortunately, it's okay to have rhubarb with me, so God treats me well." Seeing rhubarb looking at him worriedly, Grandpa Liu comforted rhubarb's head , tell Chen Qi about his past.

In fact, Grandpa Liu's story is very old-fashioned but also very realistic. When Grandpa Liu's eldest son just started elementary school, his wife suddenly died of a sudden illness, and his youngest son was only about two years old. In order to make money to support the two children who are waiting to be fed, the grief-stricken Grandpa Liu wiped away his tears and gave the children to the elderly parents at home to raise them. Picked up a pole and shuttled through the streets and alleys to sell braised vegetables, while avoiding urban management.

Although he made money by his own craftsmanship (selling braised vegetables) to support his family, when Grandpa Liu turned back to educate his children, he found that the children had already been raised crookedly. The eldest son also has a cold attitude towards himself, and he also looks at his younger brother indifferently. I don't care at all that my youngest son was forced to drop out of school by social gangsters after he graduated from junior high school.

No matter how Grandpa Liu persuaded or even used "force to suppress", he was powerless to get his younger son back on the right track.

After listening to Grandpa Liu's story, Chen Qi couldn't help thinking of his parents.

There was an inaudible sigh in his ears, and Huidan looked down, seeing Chen Qi's face full of disappointment, hesitantly, Huidan put his hand on Chen Qi's shoulder.

Mo Ming felt the warmth coming from the palm of his shoulder, Chen Qi raised his head just to meet Huidan's eyes, and felt the concern in Huidan's eyes, Chen Qi reluctantly twitched the corner of his mouth to show that he was okay.

Suddenly, there were rapid footsteps in the quiet corridor, getting closer and closer to the ward. Chen Qi looked at the door curiously, but saw Da Liu's daughter-in-law, Ba, by the door frame, stretching her head to look in. Da Liu's daughter-in-law looked around and entered the room in a hurry.

Why is she back again?

Everyone in the ward was puzzled.

Da Liu's daughter-in-law looked at the corridor, then entered the room and stood in front of Grandpa Liu's hospital bed and said, "Dad was in a hurry just now and didn't make it clear. Who does your braised vegetable shop belong to?"

No one in the ward spoke, three seconds later.

"Bang!" This is the sound of the water glass being smashed to the ground.

"Ah!" This was the scream of Da Liu's daughter-in-law.

"Dad, what are you doing?!" Da Liu's daughter-in-law asked, clapping the water on her clothes with both hands.

Grandpa Liu gasped and pointed at Da Liu's daughter-in-law, "Shameless! You have calculated my house, even the rented ones have to be calculated to go away? Humph! You have come to see me several times a year, but you run fast when you ask for money. !"

After a few words, Grandpa Liu was blushing and his neck was thick. Da Huang also said angrily to Da Liu's daughter-in-law, "Enough is enough! You are so angry with Grandpa. Grandpa is still angry at Grandpa for giving you so much money."

This is the first time Chen Qi sees Da Huang so angry, and he also helps to accuse Da Liu's daughter-in-law and his husband for being unfilial.

Da Liu's daughter-in-law saw that several people in the room started to deal with her, and the tall man on the side was still looking at her fiercely, and she regretted not letting Da Liu come.

"Master, you have to take good care of your health, I'll go first." Seeing that Grandpa Liu's smashed cabbage shop was rented, Da Liu's daughter-in-law had no choice but to leave again.

And Grandpa Liu heard the footsteps farther and farther away, so he asked Da Huang to watch outside the door, if Da Liu and Er Liu came to remind him again.

"Xiao Chen, I have something to trouble you, please make a phone call for me." After thinking for a long time, Grandpa Liu suddenly said to Chen Qi, and handed Chen Qi a note with a string of numbers written on it.

Chen Qi took out his mobile phone and helped Grandpa Liu get through the call.

"Hey, is it lawyer Li? I'm Lao Liu, who sells braised vegetables. Can I still notarize the things I asked you before? I'm free, it's up to you if you have time."

Chen Qi listened to Grandpa Liu and the person on the phone agreeing a time and place.

After taking over the phone call that had been hung up, Chen Qi looked at the time and said goodbye to Grandpa Liu. The trivial matter of waving to Grandpa Liu again and again was nothing.

After walking out of the hospital with Huidan, Chen Qi couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, he was exhausted today. In the evening, Chen Qi stood under the shower, unconsciously recalling the phone call from Grandpa Liu before he left.

I always felt that there was something in Grandpa Liu's words.

Turning off the shower head to prevent Buddha's electric shock suddenly figured out: Grandpa Liu lied.

However... what does this have to do with me, Chen Qi silently laughed at himself in front of the mirror.

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