My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 21: (rebuilt)

In the classroom, Da Huang stood on the podium facing the whole class, reading the composition in his hand.

"This is my master, Grandpa Liu, an old grandfather who likes to cook braised vegetables." After speaking, Rhubarb straightened his chest and walked off the stage, returning to his seat.

The teacher took the lead in applauding, and the students in the class also clapped their hands. The atmosphere was very warm. Only the gray egg, his eyes lost their expression and slapped twice symbolically.

"Student Rhubarb has made great progress in this period of time. Everyone should learn from him. Rhubarb should also help students who are behind."

The teacher's words were interrupted by the get out of class bell, so he simply announced the dismissal of the get out of class, packed up the class and walked out of the classroom.

The students also followed behind the teacher and ran out of the classroom. But there was a circle of people around Rhubarb's table. These were all classmates who listened to the teacher and came to ask Rhubarb for advice.

Some students wondered why they only started learning human language half a month ago. Rhubarb can already speak so much, but most of the students in the class are still stuck in: hello, have you eaten, delicious, bad and so on.

"Because I go to my grandpa's braised vegetable shop every day to help, there are many people talking to me there. I couldn't speak in the first few days. I was laughed at, and my grandpa was angry." At the end of the words, Da Huang expressed Very proud.

"Hmph." The Pomeranian boy in the front seat immediately showed off.

"When I called my mother for the first time, she was also very happy. She pestered me to call her every day, and even made cream cakes for me to eat."

This sentence of the Pomeranian boy seems to have opened up the desire of the classmates to talk. Everyone, you and I talk about the reaction of the family when you first spoke.

This one said that he called "Dad" to get a new toy, and the other said that he was taken to the park to play, and the scene was very lively.

Except for gray eggs.

The gray egg surrounded by the middle couldn't say a word, and just like his name, he shrank to the side with a gloomy expression.

The reason is that Gray Egg suddenly found that he seemed to be hated by his master, and as long as he returned home, the master would only come out of the bedroom when he was eating. And he didn't say a word to himself. If the two got a little closer, the master would lower his head and not look at his distance.

Not to mention holding the master like before.

"Oh, gray egg. How is the method I taught you, is your master happy? Did you cook something delicious?"

The Bomei boy who was showing off to his classmates suddenly remembered something, and asked the gray egg like a barrage of cannons.

Grey Egg tried to shrink his body even smaller.

"Did you succeed?"

The Bomei boy continued to ask questions, and Rhubarb and several other classmates also cast curious glances at Huidan.

Being stared at by a few pairs of fiery eyes, Gray Egg reluctantly shook his head, and his tail twitched twice, feeling weak.

"How is this possible?!" The Pomeranian boy was taken aback, "Have you kissed your face? Did you do this less?"

After hesitating for two seconds, Gray Egg said something that he seemed to be hated by his master.

The Pomeranian boy folded his arms and sighed, "Then I can't help it, after all, my mother is different from your master."

"My master is very good, just, just... there must be something wrong with your suggestion."

Gray Egg subconsciously retorted.

"Humph! Obviously you have a problem."

The Pomeranian boy angrily turned around and sat back to his seat, sulking on the table.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward, and the other students looked at each other, said hello to Da Huang, and returned to their respective seats.

The corner that was still lively just now is a lot quieter.

"Grey egg, you directly ask why your master hates you."

Da Huang, who had not spoken a moment ago, suddenly said such a sentence, and the ears of the young Pomeranian at the front table moved.

After listening to Rhubarb's suggestion, Huidan felt bitter in his heart.

"Master doesn't understand what I said."

"You still don't know how to speak human words?" Rhubarb was very surprised, and Huidan was always praised by the teacher.

Seeing that Huidan was silent and frowning, Rhubarb dragged his chin and began to think about how to help Huidan.

"Rhubarb, you can teach Grey Egg how to speak."

The low atmosphere between the two was broken by the Pokémon Boy.

Suddenly, Huidan and Rhubarb raised their heads at the same time, and the Bomei boy said with a natural expression facing the two lying on Huidan's desk.

After being reminded by the young Bomei, Rhubarb also paid attention: "Haidan, you also come to my grandfather's sauerkraut shop, let's go together. Maybe you can learn it in two days, so that your master can understand what you say."

"I-I'm afraid that the master will not agree, she will definitely not be able to leave me..." Huidan said hesitantly.

Rhubarb patted Huidan on the shoulder, and said in a sure tone, "I'll go to my grandfather for help." After speaking, he praised the Pomeranian boy, saying that his advice was great.

The Pomeranian boy's face was full of pride, and he was very proud that he had made another useful suggestion.

Unlike Rhubarb and Pomeranian who were happy after solving the problem, Huidan was very entangled in his heart.


After hearing the "bang" of the security door, Chen Qi dawdled out of the bedroom.

After wandering around the empty living room for two times, Chen Qi fell onto the sofa weakly, lying on his back on the folded blanket, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

Turning his head to the side, Chen Qi's head sank into the soft blanket, and he seemed to be able to feel the temperature on the blanket.

temperature? When I was kissed by the gray egg on the face that day, I also felt the burning breath of the gray egg.

The next second, Chen Qi sighed and hugged his head, flipping back and forth on the sofa. It's been a while, but Chen Qi still can't forget the scene of that day.

As soon as Gray Egg came home, Chen Qi couldn't stop being embarrassed and... shy or shy? Another feeling, Chen Qi couldn't tell, anyway, he always blushed inexplicably.

Especially when faced with gray eggs.

It was also during this time that Chen Qi had a real feeling that the gray egg had really become a human being, that he would have his own ideas, and that he would have a life of his own in the future.

Sometimes thinking of these Chen Qi's heart is sour, like eating a lemon. At this time, Chen Qi would restrain himself from thinking deeply.

Not in the mood to code, Chen Qi simply played with his phone all morning. When it was close to lunch, I didn’t want to cook, and I didn’t have ashes to cook it myself, so I ordered takeout.

After eating the takeout, Chen Qi prevented himself from continuing to think wildly and forced himself to start coding.

"Deng deng deng." There was a sudden knock on the door.

Chen Qi glanced at the time and stood up to open the door, thinking that it might be a gray egg without a key.

Opening the door, what greeted his eyes was a small, medium-sized, amiable old man with gray hair, who was looking at himself with a smile.

"May I ask who you are..." Chen Qi Mo Ming felt that the old man was very familiar.

He hesitated to ask, and happened to see two tall men standing behind the old man.

One is Rhubarb, who looks as kind as the old man, and the other is a gray egg with flickering eyes that wants to look at Chen Qi but doesn't dare to look at Chen Qi.

Chen Qi was even more confused and just about to speak, the old man took the initiative to introduce himself.

After listening to Chen Qi, he suddenly realized, and recalled that this old man was the owner of the sauerkraut shop at the gate of the community, and Grandpa Liu from the same community as him.

He is still the owner of Rhubarb, so Rhubarb is the same Rhubarb dog that was often seen in the community before.

Chen Qi secretly sighed in his heart.

Then he turned sideways and invited Grandpa Liu into the house, while Huidan and Da Huang followed behind Grandpa Liu. After entering the house, Rhubarb looked around curiously, but Huidan lowered his head.

As soon as Grandpa Liu sat down, he said, "I'm here to get your opinion."

Chen Qi brought hot water to Grandpa Liu and Da Huang, "Opinion? What opinion?"

"This is still Rhubarb's attention, hehe," said here, Grandpa Liu glanced at Rhubarb with a smile, his eyes full of pride, "I asked Huidan to follow Rhubarb to my shop every day after school to help, of course, just sitting there to collect Money, no heavy work."

Chen Qi nodded while listening, "Oh~ are you asking Huidan for help? Yes."

The gray egg, whose face was dazed, heard Chen Qi's simple agreement, and suddenly raised his head to look at Chen Qi, with a look of disbelief.

"Mainly to help Huidan learn to speak." Rhubarb said.

This time, it was Chen Qi's turn to be surprised. He was amazed and praised Rhubarb again and again.

Grandpa Liu accidentally saw the gray egg pouting in the corner of the sofa, looking at Chen Qi in despair. After chatting casually with Chen Qi, he stood up and said goodbye.

Chen Qi also stood up and sent Grandpa Liu and Rhubarb to the door, Huidan followed behind Chen Qi unwillingly.

"Xiao Chen, Huidan is a good boy. Before, Rhubarb brought him to the store to play, and he took the initiative to help me move things."

Chen Qi was secretly curious, it turned out that Grandpa Liu had such a good impression of Gray Egg.

"The situation of rhubarb and gray eggs is very special. After all, they have changed from dogs to humans. Let alone us, they can't adapt. So, you have to be patient with this matter."

Seeing that Chen Qi didn't know why, Grandpa Liu smiled again and said, "Hehe, Xiao Chen, don't blame me for talking so much. Sometimes, an old man like me talks too much."

Chen Qi quickly shook his head and waved his hand, saying that he didn't blame Grandpa Liu for talking too much.

When Grandpa Liu and Da Huang got into the elevator, Da Huang curiously asked what Grandpa Liu's words meant. Grandpa Liu smiled and said that Da Huang has a lot to learn as a human being.

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