My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 13: I listened carefully

After the get out of class was announced, the other students couldn't wait to leave their seats, while the boy in the front row of Gray Egg turned around and hesitated to say something, but he didn't say anything.

At this time, Teacher Annie walked to the last row of the classroom.

"Ms. Chen, is the gray egg still used to it?" Teacher Annie saw that one of the two was wagging their tails and wanted to pay attention, while the other turned her head ruthlessly and ignored it, so she asked Chen Qi about the situation.

Hearing Teacher Annie's concern, Chen Qi also stood up and said, "It's always been like this, he doesn't listen to anything I say."

Hearing that, Teacher Annie lowered her head and thought for a moment before hesitating: "Is the gray egg usually home alone? I found that he is quite indifferent to other people and things."

"Uh, it's true that I rarely take Huidan out to play." Chen Qi didn't know if Teacher Anni's words had anything to do with Huidan's obedience.

As a person with social barriers, when Chen Qi was walking around the community with Huidan, he would only smirk twice and run away after being accosted by aunties who also came out to walk the dog.

Therefore, sometimes when the dog walkers in the community discuss the rarity of gray eggs, they will also complain that the owner of gray eggs is eccentric.

"Ms. Chen, you don't have to worry too much. In fact, problems like gray eggs are very common, and they usually improve after studying in school."

Seeing Chen Qi's embarrassed expression, Teacher Annie immediately comforted her.

"Well, thank you very much."

Listening to Chen Qi's thanks, Mrs. Anni thought that since she had been a teacher for so many years, there were not a few students with problems like Huidan.

Although they used to be pet dogs, although they have a warm home from their owners, they don't have to be as hungry as other students in the class who have turned from stray dogs. But the "masters" of such students are mostly busy with their own business, and only take them out to play occasionally. Teacher Annie has also seen dogs that only live on the balcony.

Is it as a stray dog ​​who has a vast sky, but lives a life without a meal; or as a pet dog, who has a warm home and does not have to go hungry, but can only bite the items at home and vent his excess energy.

When Annie was a dog, she didn't think about it, but when she became a human being, she often thought about it, so she said, "Ms. Chen, although the gray egg looks like an adult on the outside, his heart is actually Still immature, still a dog's way of thinking.

If you panic about him becoming a human, he will definitely panic more than you. At this stage he will definitely be more clingy than before, because to him the owner is the dog's world. So you have to be more patient than usual, encourage him more to increase his self-confidence, and if you have time, you can take him out for a walk and see, which can speed up the cognition of society. "

Watching Mrs. Anni say a lot, not only Chen Qi's head was dizzy, but Gray Egg was also a little dissatisfied.

"Woo woo woo." What are you talking about, I won't leave the master.

Chen Qi glanced at Huidan angrily, how could he be so unreasonable to the teacher.

Miss Annie, who understood the gray egg's cry, smiled slightly and said that she had other things to do and left.

Sitting in the chair, Chen Qi digested a lot of teacher Annie's words, patience, encouragement, and insight. These words replayed in Chen Qi's mind.

Seeing Huidan's stupid face getting closer and closer, Chen Qi simply buried his head on the table.

"Wang Wang." Hello

Just when Chen Qi was upset, a small, hesitant cry caught his attention.

When I looked up, I saw that it was the one in the front row who looked back at Gray Egg from time to time in class.

'Do you know Gray Egg? ' Thinking of this, Chen Qi asked curiously, "May I ask you to recognize..."

"Wang Wang Wang Wang!" You have been peeking at my master since just now, don't try to hit her.

The boy was so frightened that he took two steps back, wondering if he had made a mistake.

Gray Egg was very unhappy, the people here not only wanted to separate him from the master, but actually fought the master's idea. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became, and a warning growl came out of his mouth.

Chen Qi held his forehead and sighed just as he was about to reprimand Huidan, but found that Huidan's eyes were still red?

After thinking about it carefully, Gray Egg is really sticking to her these days, combined with what Teacher Annie just said, is it because she is afraid of being abandoned?

Chen Qi felt that this might be the truth that Huidan was particularly clingy and irritable these days, and it might be insecure to hug her from time to time.

Thinking of this, the anger in Chen Qi's heart disappeared at once, and he stepped forward to hold Huidan's hand and patted Huidan's back at the same time.

"Okay, okay, don't be angry, just sit down first, okay?" Chen Qi comforted him in a soft voice beside Huidan's ear, seeing that Huidan was still frozen in place, he tried to stroke his hair again.

He also gently rubbed his ears, and sure enough, Huidan's body relaxed and stopped roaring, and then Chen Qi half-pressed and sat down.

"So nice."

He was held by the warm hands of his master, and he kept stroking his head gently. Grey Egg's aggrieved master finally ignored him, hugged his master involuntarily, and buried his head on Chen Qi's body.

This time, Chen Qi didn't resist, and lightly patted the gray egg to comfort him. Anyway, he wouldn't lose a piece of meat if he was hugged.

Chen Qi comforted Huidan when he saw that the boy just scratched his head and left the classroom.

After being hugged for a little while, Chen Qi felt that it was almost done and said, "Enough is enough for this time."

Seeing that Hui Dan raised his eyes, his eyes were no longer very red, but Hui Dan still had an aggrieved expression on his face.

Chen Qi looked directly at Huidan and said, "Although I accepted that you became a human being, I didn't take care of your emotions. It's my fault."

After talking, Chen Qi began to understand what Teacher Annie said.

That's right, Gray Egg didn't understand what was going on, he always said what he taught and what he did.

The more he thought about Chen Qi, the more guilty he felt. Chen Qi, who was talking, saw himself in the clear eyes of Gray Egg.

Because of her, Gray Egg's world has always been so small.

In a corner of the classroom, the two held hands in relative silence, each with his own taste in their hearts.

Chen Qi's heart was rather sour, while Huidan's mood had calmed down, and there was still an upward trend.

A new class started, Chen Qi lowered his head and thought about how to be nice to Huidan, and also digested what Teacher Annie said at the end, how to understand the society with Huidan.

As long as the master is by his side, Gray Egg can't divert his attention at all, no matter whether the students in the classroom laugh or make other noises.

In this way, the second class in the morning was wasted.

When Chen Qi finally regained his senses, there were only the two of them left in the classroom.

She sighed in her heart that she had left the school for so long before entering the school, and she had become a scum of the unintentional school, but in a second she realized that the gray egg was here to study, and she even thought about the "beeping" sound of the whole class. Learning is really powerless.

I looked at my phone again and realized that it was almost noon.

Do you have two classes in the morning?

After sitting for a while, seeing that the students in the class did not come back, Chen Qi had to leave the classroom with the gray egg.

After walking a few steps, he met the security guard in the morning, and Chen Qi also chose to ask him where the school cafeteria was.

After knowing the specific location of the canteen, I thanked the two of them and went out of the school gate to the renovated canteen in the gate city that was rented next to the school.

There were not many people in the cafeteria, and when he walked to the dining window, Chen Qi realized that he had forgotten to pay for Huidan's meal and textbook fees, after embarrassingly asking if he could accept cash.

Chen Qi, who was rejected, had to take the gray eggs and find another place to eat outside.

After lunch in a small restaurant with a full stomach, Chen Qi's footsteps finally slowed down, and Gray Egg followed Chen Qi's side and walked slowly.

The first thing Chen Qi did when he got back to school was to go to the toll office to pay the fee. After asking around, he realized that he was going to the finance room to pay the fee.

After paying the fee in the financial office, the office staff of the financial office gave Chen Qi a meal card that can only be used in the cafeteria and a textbook fee receipt, and then went to the academic office to pick up the textbook with the textbook fee receipt.

Just ran around like this and just sat down in the classroom when the teacher came.

Chen Qi glanced at his phone in surprise, and found that the class started at 1:30.

Remembering that Huidan didn't pay attention to the lecture in the morning, Chen Qi asked Huidan, "Huidan, you have to start listening carefully to what the teacher is saying, and don't keep looking at me, okay?"

Chen Qi looked at the gray egg very seriously, and made a hopeful expression.

"Wang..." Okay...

Chen Qi found that he seemed to hear Huidan's perfunctory tone.

Hey this dog.

Although Gray Egg could understand the "beeping" sound in this classroom from time to time, he was not interested. Since the master wanted him to listen, let's listen.

"A few days ago, a parent was asking me how long it would take to communicate with her 'child', and I said I didn't know either. But I know some of you 'stray' dogs don't bother to communicate with 'humans' because you used to gained a lot of pain from man,

It's hard to accept that I've become a human being. But I think you are very lucky, only people who have become people will have the opportunity to communicate with human beings. Human society is complex, and we all know that humans are cunning.

But only by successfully communicating with "human beings" and learning how to survive better in the "human" society, can you bring a better life to your former brothers and sisters. "

Chen Qi heard the teacher's long speech on the podium like a "beep" sound. Seeing that Huidan was so fascinated by it, and after the teacher finished speaking, other students echoed excitedly.

Chen Qi felt that the teacher's teaching level must be very high, so he lowered his head and played with his mobile phone in satisfaction.

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