My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 12: first day of school

It was 7:30 a.m. with a scratch on the bedroom door.

The people in the bedroom were sleeping soundly and didn't notice this, and the people outside the door didn't get any response, and continued to scratch the door perseveringly.

The disturbing door was suddenly opened, and the person outside the door stepped back and seemed to be startled. When he came back to his senses, it turned out that the bedroom door was opened by himself.

The tail behind him swayed faster, and it turned out that this was an early gray egg.

After getting up in the morning, Huidan had been bored in the living room for several times. He was really bored and hungry, so he wanted to find the owner, so he came to disturb the door.

"Wang Wang." Master, I'm hungry.

Squatting beside the bed with his hands on the ground, this is the most comfortable action he feels, and he is not used to walking on his hind legs these days.

Chen Qi on the bed retracted into the quilt and wrapped the quilt even tighter.

"Wang Wang." It's time for the master to get up.

In fact, Huidan really wanted to lick his master to wake him up. This was his way of expressing his love, but he was rejected by his master since he was a child.

Seeing that the master still didn't move, Gray Egg took another two steps, trying to stick his head into the bed.

He stretched out a hand from the quilt and swayed it weakly twice, then retracted into the quilt and turned over again.

As an obedient and good dog, Grey Egg quieted down, put his head on the bed and looked at the bulging quilt, waiting for the owner to get up.

"Drip drip."

With drooping eyelids, just as Huidan was about to fall asleep, the alarm on his cell phone rang, causing Huidan to instantly raise his head and look around.

The alarm rang for more than ten seconds before slowly getting up and turning it off. After turning it off, Chen Qi collapsed on the bed again.

After rolling several times on the bed, I tried to open my eyelids, and after a while, I dawdled and sat up.

"Wang Wang!" Master, you finally got up.

The tail behind him wagged more and more vigorously, and the cry became louder.

After sitting on the bed and awake for a while, Chen Qi's brain started to activate, and he looked at Gray Egg with disgust.

"Why did you come in again?"

Codewords were too late last night, resulting in lack of sleep this morning. Chen Qi said it weakly, and he didn't have the heart to teach Gray Egg not to enter the bedroom at will.

Half-squinting Chen Qi went into the toilet, and Huidan also followed Chen Qi step by step.

"Get out!" Then he was yelled and pushed out of the toilet.

"Bang!" Chen Qi closed the door with force.

"Woo~" Annoyed the master again.

Gray Egg leaned against the door and started self-examination. The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became: 'Will the master not like me anymore? It seems that he made her angry before. ’

Thinking about it, Huidan found that he had really made his master angry several times in the past few days.

Gray Egg's mood continued to decline, and his body slowly slid down, squatting on the ground and hugging his knees, sad.

After washing up, Chen Qi opened the door and found Huidan's head buried in his knees, thinking about something.

"Get up, don't get your clothes dirty, you will go to school later." He said, rubbing Gray Egg's hairy ears with uncontrollable force.

Hmm~ It feels alright. After admiring Gray Egg's hairy ears in his heart, he went to the refrigerator and took out his breakfast to warm it up.

"Woooo~" The master really doesn't like me anymore, and even the touch of love is perfunctory.

Chen Qi, who was taking out the steamed buns from the steaming hot pot, didn't know that the gray egg was starting to get heartbroken. He thought that he had been hated by his master, and even foresaw the scene of being abandoned by his master in the future.

Putting the steamed bun on the table, I found that the gray egg was still in the same posture.

"The gray egg is coming for dinner soon."

not moving at all.

Chen Qi was not in a hurry and started eating on his own.

The meat-scented buns floated into the nose of Gray Egg's "dog" with the flow of air.

After three seconds, Huidan's head moved, staring at Baozi and his eyes stopped moving.

'I must follow the master and never let her abandon me! ’ Gray Egg decided to fill his stomach first, and he must stay by his master’s side to avoid future tragedies.

Chen Qi didn't know anything about Huidan's determination, he just felt that he had to be tempted by food.

The two quickly finished breakfast, and Huidan ate four big meat buns in one go. Seeing this, Chen Qi thought he didn't give Huidan dinner last night.

Amazed by Huidan's appetite, Chen Qi quickly went to the bedroom and changed out of his pajamas. Then he looked for the original mini schoolbag in the bedroom, and quickly took it out from the cabinet, and put the pens and notebooks bought in the stationery store in it.

"Crimson Egg, come and try it on your back." He gestured towards Hui Egg.

Huidan obediently raised his hand and asked Chen Qi to carry the schoolbag on his shoulders. Perhaps because the shoulder straps were too short, Huidan leaned back his arms with difficulty. He was still uncomfortable and complained to Chen Qi.

Taking off the schoolbag, Chen Qi adjusted the length of the shoulder straps.

"It's alright now, you have to carry the gray egg on your back and don't throw it away."

"Wang Wang Wang."

Gray Egg answered confidently.

Patting Huidan's shoulder, Chen Qi nodded with satisfaction, "Very good, let's go."

However, as soon as he went out, Chen Qi realized that the time was only 8:07. He wondered whether the school would be too early, and it was written on the list that the class would not start until 9:00.

When he arrived at the station and looked at a bus that had just left and was full of people, Chen Qi remembered that this time was the morning rush hour for work.

After waiting for the second crowded bus, seeing that the time had jumped to 8:17, Chen Qi gritted his teeth and planned to take the next bus no matter how crowded or not.

She didn't want Huidan to be late for school on the first day, and she finally waited for the third bus under the miscalculation in her heart. Maybe the one in front had only left for 5 minutes, and there were slightly fewer people on the third bus. some.

Fortunately, they were able to squeeze and squeeze, and the two got on the bus.

After tossing in two one-yuan coins, Chen Qi took the gray egg and walked towards the door in the middle of the carriage.

After Chen Qi stood up while holding the handrail, he was suddenly hugged into Gray Egg's thick chest.

"What are you doing, Gray Egg?!" Chen Qi pushed him twice but didn't push, and asked Gray Egg in a low voice.

Gray Egg didn't say anything unexpectedly, and he firmly believed in following his master. In addition, there are all kinds of strange smells in the nose, or the smell of the owner makes him feel at ease.

"The oat garden is here. Passengers who get off, please take your luggage and get off in turn."

After finally getting out of the car, Chen Qi wanted to educate Huidan about what he had done just now, "I know my mother." A young man suddenly appeared from behind, disrupting Chen Qi's thinking.

The white ears on the top of the boy's head made Chen Qi realize that there were all kinds of people with hairy ears.

As Chen Qi, who seldom leaves home, this is the first time she has seen so many gray eggs of its kind

Seeing everyone walking towards the other side of the road, Chen Qi also followed.

Oat Garden Kindergarten - Chen Qi was stunned when he saw the big sign outside the building opposite, and took out Gray Egg's admission notice from his bag.

It was found that the admission notice actually stated that it was Oatmeal Garden School, but so many gray eggs' "similars" had entered the Oatmeal Kindergarten opposite, and Chen Qi was at a loss for a while.

After standing there for three seconds, Chen Qi decided to go in and see what was going on.

As soon as he passed the iron gate, Chen Qi saw the security guard, and Chen Qi explained his purpose to the security guard with the admission notice. After getting the information given by the security guard, Chen Qi entered the teaching building, turned left, walked a few steps, raised his head, and arrived at the principal's office.

Chen Qi knocked on the door of the office lightly, and then looked up at the person behind the computer with the big hairy ears on his head.

"You, hello this..." The man's face didn't match the hairy ears because he had a long scar on his face, and Chen Qi suddenly hesitated.

Grey Egg was sensitive to the feeling that the atmosphere around his master was not right, his ears stood up straight forward, his tail was raised high, and his teeth bared his mouth with a low growl.

"Sit down for me, Huidan!" Seeing that Huidan suddenly entered an attacking state, Chen Qi awkwardly pulled Huidan back.

The scarred man chuckled lightly and said, "What's the matter with you?"

Threatening Huidan with his eyes, Chen Qi handed the admission notice to the scarred man.

After a quick glance, the scarred man took out his mobile phone and made a call. After hanging up, he said to Chen Qi, "You can sit on the sofa. Teacher Annie will come over later."

Chen Qi licked the corner of his mouth and pressed down on the gray egg to sit down, and stared at the gray egg with a fierce look. Gray Egg was a little aggrieved, but he still grabbed the corner of his master's clothes with his hand.

"Deng deng deng." Just when Chen Qi felt unbearable, there was a sound of high heels.

"Sorry for being late, Headmaster."

What appeared in front of me was a tall woman, wearing the same professional attire as the imaginary female teacher, with black ears on her head?

Chen Qi was a little surprised. The man with scars sitting in the principal's office next to him had hairy ears, and there were also teachers who taught. Was this school originally run by a "similar" of Huidan?

"This one is from the Taohuaxi community." The man with scars, the principal of the Oat Garden School, said to the woman in front of him.

Chen Qi immediately stood up, and Huidan also stood up against his master.

"Hello, my name is Annie, and I will also be his class teacher in the future." The woman named Annie introduced herself to Chen Qi.

"You, hello, I am Chen Qi and the owner of Gray Egg... Now I support someone." Chen Qi felt a little ashamed in his heart.

Seeing this, Annie immediately said, "Well, I'll take you to the classroom first."

Hearing this, Chen Qi immediately nodded, and Mrs. Annie said goodbye to the principal and then led the two of them towards the classroom.

Walking beside Teacher Annie, Chen Qi suddenly remembered something and asked, "Mr. Annie, may I ask why it's marked as a kindergarten outside?"

Teacher Annie smiled and told Chen Qi the story of the school.

It turns out that Principal Scarface used to be a military dog, but after suddenly turning into an adult, he became a soldier and continued to serve, and he retired after many incidents. After coming out, with the help of the former owner, he took over a kindergarten that was forced to close due to child abuse.

Coupled with some other relationships, in short, the school was opened with the help of the government.

After listening to these words, Chen Qi suddenly reversed his sense of the headmaster with scarred face. Although he looks fierce, he still has a lot of ideas in his heart.

"This is the classroom, and the get out of class usually ends around 3 o'clock in the afternoon."

After a pause, Teacher Annie said: "By the way, although the school has waived the study fee, it still needs to pay 113 yuan for textbooks and 142 yuan for lunch."

Chen Qi was stunned for a moment and then embarrassedly said, "Yes, but I didn't bring any cash."

"It's nothing, the toll office also seems to support micro-tours and paybei payment."

Although Teacher Annie is very gentle and kind, Chen Qi still has a feeling of internal injury.

"Hui Dan, you have to listen to the teacher's words carefully, I'll go first." The internal injury returned to the internal injury, and Chen Qi turned around to go to the toll office.

"Why are you following me?" Before he turned around and walked a step further, Chen Qi found that Huidan was also clutching his arm tightly.

Chen Qi broke free a few times but did not get rid of Huidan, but this action made Huidan's reaction even more.

Gray Egg hugged Chen Qi tightly, screaming "woohoo" in his mouth, looking very anxious.

Looking at Teacher Annie's slightly surprised face, Chen Qi was embarrassed and angry and disobedient.

"Why are you disobedient again!"

When Annie saw this, it suddenly occurred to her that she had been clinging to Chen Qi since she saw the gray egg in the principal's office just now. After a little thought, she understood what was going on.

"Don't worry about him, Huidan may not be able to accept what is happening now. However, there are not a few students like this, so we generally recommend studying with him for one or two days."

After listening to Teacher Annie's suggestion, Chen Qi was extremely resistant, but Teacher Annie's gentle and sincere appearance made her unable to say anything to refuse.

Resisting the thought of beating up Huidan, he finally accompanies Huidan into the classroom.

It happened that there were the last two vacancies in the classroom, and the two walked to the seats with the curious eyes of the students and sat down.

The gray egg who sat down still buried his head on Chen Qi. Chen Qi angrily gave the gray egg an arm and said in a low voice, "I've come in with you, so what, sit down for me!"

"You don't have to worry too much. This is the textbook of the other classmates. You can use it first." After borrowing the books from the classmates in the front row to Huidan, Teacher Annie walked to the podium and started today's teaching.

Ignoring the "woohoo" sound of Grey Egg's ingratiating, Chen Qi looked at the podium to see how the teaching was done. I saw Annie smiled and said "wang **** wang", and then completely stayed.

The boy who was borrowed in the front row of Huidan cocked his nose and looked back at Huidan frequently, while Huidan focused on his master and ignored him.

The boy's turning back from time to time was seriously reminded by Teacher Annie twice and then continued to teach today.

"Wow!" You are not allowed to watch.

Gray Egg found that the boy in the front row turned back from time to time with a curious expression, thinking that he had plans for his master, so he warned him.

"Are you ill?" Chen Qi poked him vigorously with his finger, "Are you a rabies victim today?"

Seeing that the master finally took care of himself, he didn't care about the slight pain in his waist, but complained to Chen Qi aggrieved.

"Woo woo woo." Master don't ignore me.

At this time, Mrs. Annie on the podium was leading the students in the class to read something. There was a constant "banging" in the classroom, and no one noticed what was happening in the corner.

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