My Lover with Fluffy Ears

Chapter 11: Community calls

I absently typed on the keyboard, grabbing my phone to look at it every time I tapped twice.

It has been two or three days since I brought Huidan for a medical examination, but the news from the community has been delayed.

After beating on the keyboard for a while, Chen Qi grabbed the phone as if giving up and complained.

"It's been so long without news, and the efficiency of work is really low." Chen Qi was very upset.

"Wang Wang Wang!" The tall man sitting on the other side of the sofa suddenly called out while watching the TV.

Chen Qi frowned and turned to look. It turned out that it was Huidan who was exclaiming for the anti-Japanese hero on TV who was trapped by the little devil.

So for her own peace, Chen Qi taught Huidan how to use various household appliances. Then Gray Egg was caught by all kinds of anti-Japanese dramas on TV.

"After the ad, the fun continues."

"Woo~" Gray Egg complained unhappily, this was the moment he hated the most. Why don't you continue, do you win or lose?

While entangled in the plot, Gray Egg inadvertently found that the master was paying attention to him. So he immediately climbed from the side of the sofa to Chen Qi's side, stretched out his arms to Chen Qi, and was about to hug Chen Qi.

Since returning from the hospital two days ago, Huidan has been pestering Chen Qi to hug him from time to time. Chen Qi didn't know if it was the sequelae caused by the blood draw that day, or if the gray egg understood what it means to be a hooligan and a hooligan.

"No." Chen Qi held a fork with both hands.

But Hui Dan didn't understand Ren Jiu and hugged Chen Qi in a self-care manner, sticking out his nose and smelling the master's body fascinatedly. Although Gray Egg was a little worried that his master would dislike him after he changed. But after the previous toss (grey eggs specifically refers to the beating and the needle incident), it is a wonderful thing to be able to wrap the master in his arms with his claws.

That is, it is warm and can always smell the unique smell belonging to the owner.

"let me go."

Being hugged by the tall human-shaped gray egg, Chen Qi blushed and pushed the gray egg hard. But Gray Egg was content and naturally didn't want to let go of his master.

"Are you disobedient, Huidan!" Chen Qi threatened Huidan.

"Woo~" Hearing this, Huidan realized that his master was angry, and reluctantly let go of Chen Qi and cried out in grievance.

"Why are you pretending to be pitiful?" Chen Qi stepped forward and gave Huidan's forehead.

"Wang woo **** woo~" Master, you are so cold to me.

Just when Huidan complained to Chen Qi like an abused little daughter-in-law, the ringtone of the phone saved her, and Chen Qi shivered and connected the phone.

"Hello, are you Ms. Chen Qi who came to the Taohuaxi community to register before?" Sure enough, it was news from the community.

After Chen Qi answered, he said again on the phone.

"Then are you the current caregiver named Huidan who was registered before?" Chen Qi continued to say yes.

"You can come and get his admission letter."

Hearing this news, Chen Qi cheered a little in his heart and asked, "Which school do you study in?"

"I don't know about this either. You can read it on the admission notice." The other party's perfunctory answer made Chen Qi speechless for a while.

After hanging up the phone, Chen Qi was going to go to the community to get the admission notice immediately.

"I'm going out as a gray egg, can you go?"

There was no answer, it turned out that Huidan had already "followed" the hero of the TV series on a thrilling journey of beating devils.

"Then I'll go out and stay at home. Don't run around." Chen Qi instructed Huidan.

After closing the door, Chen Qi didn't know what to do, and he didn't know whether Huidan heard her instructions. After the elevator door opened, he turned around and locked his security door.

This dog is really disturbing.

Walking on the road, Chen Qi sighed a little, wondering if Huidan would be more obedient when he went to school. Will he be able to gain a foothold in society in the future? After all, being a human is much simpler than being a dog. A dog only needs to please its owner to live.

When he was about to reach the community, Chen Qi laughed at himself again, 'Alas, I am a person who lives in the world and cares about the future of others. ’

After thinking about it, Gray Egg is no one else now. After all, being a dog before was his exclusive property.

The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. Chen Qi shook his head and planned to let go of these things for a while. Let's take a look at where the school is.

Quickening his pace, Chen Qi entered the Taohuaxi community.

After going up to the second floor, Chen Qi took two thin sheets of paper from the staff and couldn't wait to read it.

Looking at the school written on the paper, Chen Qi immediately took out his mobile phone to check the address and bus.

It turned out to be near a park 4 kilometers away from home. It takes about 50 minutes to walk, and only 14 minutes to take the bus.

Take the bus? ! How much is the bus fare?

Chen Qi began to worry about the bus fare.

Don't you know that the humanoid gray egg still needs a lot of exercise? When she was still a grey dog, she had to walk every day.

Thinking that Huidan had spent a lot of money on clothes and pants in the past two days, he began to figure out how to save the bus fare.

Looking at the admission notice on the notice, it will be 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

On the way home, Chen Qi went into a stationery store and chose a few pens and stationery books for Huidan.

Chen Qi suddenly felt a financial crisis when the amount of ten yuan on the cash register when paying. Then I began to review that I hadn't written seriously for two days.

'I have to work hard when I get home. ' Chen Qi made up his mind secretly.

Just running around like this, I also bought some side dishes and semi-finished ingredients at the supermarket. It was almost 5:30 when I arrived at the door.

"Crash woah." Just as he turned the key to open the security door, Gray Egg rushed over, wagging his tail excitedly, watching Chen Qi take off his shoes and put on indoor shoes.

"Wang woo, **** woo~" He didn't get a response from the master, after calling Chen Qi twice like a coquettish gray egg, he stepped forward to hug Chen Qi.

"You're too clingy." Chen Qi was a little impatient, and pushed the plastic bag in his hand into Huidan's arms before Huidan hugged him.

After a tiring afternoon, I had to come back to deal with this troublesome ghost. Sure enough, one more person in the family is trouble.

"Come with me." Chen Qi waved his hand and threw the satchel on the sofa.

"Wang." Huidan obediently followed Chen Qi into the kitchen, although he didn't know that Chen Qi was determined to train Huidan to do housework.

This is a plan for cultivating the life skills necessary for gray eggs to become self-reliant. But whether this really wants to exercise gray eggs, or whether Chen Qi wants to be lazy, only she knows.

Putting the things in Huidan's arms aside, Chen Qi scooped up a bowl and a half of rice, put it in the inner pot of the rice cooker, and put it under the tap.

"Come on Huidan, I'll teach you how to cook today."

Chen Qi took Huidan's hand and put it on the faucet to turn on the water: "You have to get some water first to wash the rice. - What are you doing? Be careful with me."

Saying that, he flicked Huidan's forehead lightly, and Huidan covered his forehead with a "woo" sound.

"What kind of clothes are you going to wear, come to Huidan, come and wash rice first, come here."

Not wanting to continue to make the master angry, Hui Dan obediently took the inner pot.

"You have to rub the rice with your hands a few times." Chen Qi said while rubbing the rice in the pot with his hands a few times, "Come and try."

Huidan hesitantly rubbed his paws a few times, and then he was greatly praised by his master, and Huidan happily continued to rub.

Seeing that the gray eggs were getting harder and harder, Chen Qi hurriedly moved on to the next step. "Okay, alright, you will crush the rice if you rub the rice again. Now drop the rice-washing water and refill it."

Hearing that, the gray egg began to pour water, but the action was too large, and all the rice in the pot was poured out, and Chen Qi, who was beside him, couldn't even stop it.

", this!"

Grey Egg, who felt that he had done something stupid, held the empty inner pot and began to display dog-like watery water to his master. Innocent eyes Dafa.

"Stop doing this, I'm immune to—"

With the owner gnashing his teeth, Gray Egg thought that his forehead would be hit, and continued to use the dog's eyes.

However, Chen Qi just poured rice into the inner pot again.

Damn, the human-shaped gray egg looks a little... handsome. Ok? What am I thinking? ?

Chen Qi shook his head to shake out the strange thoughts in his mind, and said to the gray egg: "This time I will give a complete demonstration. If you mess up again, I will really hit you."

Perhaps the threat played a role. This time, after Chen Qi arrived at the rice-washing water, Huidan took over the inner pot and perfectly repeated the process of washing the rice just now.

"It's alright this time, continue to catch water, it's better to just submerge the rice."

Under the master's guidance, Huidan finally pressed the cooking button.

Chen Qi sighed in his heart that it was not easy, and began to teach Huidan how to pick green vegetables.

After destroying a green vegetable, Huidan successfully learned how to pick and wash vegetables, and the simple process of picking vegetables took more than ten minutes.

"Let's do these first today. You can see how I cook the vegetables." Chen Qi planned to stop the teaching process, and she didn't want to make any more fuss.

Opened the semi-finished ingredients bought in the supermarket, pickled pepper rabbit meat. Just as he was about to put the pickled peppers in the pot, Chen Qi made a move and glanced at the gray egg who was focusing on the rabbit meat.

I don't know if gray eggs can be spicy or not, so I reduced the amount of pickled peppers and continued to fry.

Soon the aroma of pickled peppers and rabbit meat came out, and the gray eggs cocked their noses and leaned into the pot.

"Grey egg, be careful of being—"


Sure enough, just halfway through Chen Qi's words, the gray egg was splashed with oil.

"Mental retarded dog." He scolded softly.

"Wow." The dog's ears turned, and Gray Egg responded unhappily.

However, Huidan's emotions came and went quickly, and he focused his attention on the steaming hot pickled rabbit meat in the next second.

"No stealing." Seeing that Huidan was about to slap the meat on the plate, Chen Qi drove Huidan out of the kitchen.

I really can't trust this dog all the time.

Without the trouble of gray eggs, Chen Qi quickly made a vegetable and egg soup.

It just so happened that the rice cooker also jumped from cooking to keeping warm, and Chen Qi started calling for the gray eggs to come in and serve the rice.

As soon as he heard that the master's meal was ready, Huidan quickly brought the dishes to the table, took the rice bowl and took a big mouthful of his own rice spoon.

Chen Qi turned on the TV and switched to the news channel to start the meal without any hassle.

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