Movies and TV Shows: The Beginning Calls Li Xiangyi

Movies and TV Shows: The Beginning Calls Li Xiangyi


20 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Movies and TV Shows: The Beginning Calls Li Xiangyi

Li Changqing traveled to the film and television world of Qing Kingdom and became the newly born fourth prince.

The reputation system is awakened at the beginning. As long as his reputation and status are improved, he can gain reputation points to exchange for various items and characters.

He summoned a thousand Jinyiwei, and the entire palace was his spies.

Summon the young man Li Xiangyi, whose sword is the best in the world and is famous throughout the Kingdom of Qing.

Summon the Bad Commander, the Bad Commander starts with a single word, I am the master in the darkness.

This year, Fan Xian went to Beijing as an envoy to Northern Qi and went to the south of the Yangtze River.

After the Battle of Mount Daito, the two princes began to rebel, hoping to take control of Kyoto.

Just when Emperor Qing thought he was the best chess player in the world, he never expected that the Fourth Prince, who was protected by a young master named Li Xiangyi, would make a peak appearance!

Li Xiangyi is on the left, Buliang Shuai is on the right, and three hundred thousand Great Snow Dragon Riders are behind them!

After Emperor Qing returned to the palace, he was completely stunned.

"I went out for a walk, why are you wearing the dragon robe, Old Four?"

And there are more and more beauties around him.

Lin Wan'er, Si Lili, Zhan Doudou, Haitang Duoduo...

His journey to the sea of ​​stars begins from Joy of Life!


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