Moba: I am the champion FMVP

Moba: I am the champion FMVP


200 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Moba: I am the champion FMVP

Reborn in S7 IG, became the substitute jungler who joined IG with Ning. The start was a life-or-death game in the S game.

At this time, IG, the young TheShy, the loaned Ning, the old captain Rouji, Xihuang and Baonan who did not change his name...

The battle for S7 qualifications is a life-and-death game.

WE crushed the IG team with great force, and the mentality of the entire IG team collapsed, and the mid laner Rouji had huge problems with his mentality.

"Ding, the champion FMVP system has been bound."

"Ding, start the rapid killing mode."

"Ding, all the opponent's jungle routes have been obtained..."

"Ding, the operation has reached the ceiling of the players..."

Li Zeyu kicked the water dispenser away: "Let's be honest, I am the champion FMVP!"


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