I Obviously Just Want To Be a Dragon

I Obviously Just Want To Be a Dragon


444 Chapters Ongoing Status


Traversing is a good thing, but crossing into a world that is too dangerous is an unquestionably bad thing.

So, Su Ming decided to be a trickster, and he would never give up until he trained himself as a sword god of Shilipo.


“I was a neighbor who lived near your house when I was a child. I played with you from childhood to adulthood. Have you forgotten?”

“You are my benefactor. If it wasn’t for the piece of bread you gave me back then, I would not be where I am today, so I will repay you with my whole life.”

“Everyone treats me as a monster, only you have always treated me as a human being. In this life, I will only admit you.”

When the spotlights appeared in front of him one by one, Su Ming’s whole person was not well.

This person is not tricky at all! ! !

(PS: The five novels “Girls’ Great Summoning”, “All-round Fantasy”, “Unlimited Death”, “The Summoner of Miracles”, and “The Demon King Don’t Have to Be Down” have been completed, with a total of more than 20 million words, update There is a sense of discipline, all book lovers can eat it with confidence.)


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