I built a floating city in Hogwarts.

I built a floating city in Hogwarts.


67 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: I built a floating city in Hogwarts.

Levine was reborn in a British orphanage and wanted to make his debut with Harry Potter as a plagiarist.

Who knew this was really the world of Harry Potter?

Fortunately, I have awakened my innate wisdom.

As long as you study, you can comprehend the spells from all the heavens and worlds.

[You watched the Confusion Spell and realized the power of the mind. You awakened your psychic powers.]

[You experienced the apparition and felt pain in this way of travel. You understood the dimensional anchor.]

[You watched the Animagus transform, felt the changes of humans and animals, and understood the Druid transformation technique]

Hermione: It turns out there is a genius student above the top student.

Professor McGonagall: Transfiguration no longer exists!

Rowena Ravenclaw: Knowledge is power, and he's the only one who's truly proven it.

Dumbledore: The founders will regret this, I am the headmaster!

Voldemort: As the Dark Lord, can I only be a tool?

Miser energy core, floating city levitation, gravity reversal, world weaving...

As Levin comprehended more and more legendary spells, a huge floating city rose from the ground!


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