Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death

Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death


136 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Ghoul: From Being Sentenced to Death

[Online IQ + invincible in the middle and late stages + logic + plot + comic main body + you can understand this book even if you haven't read the original novel + not a saint + the protagonist has clear goals] Preface (completed) → Season 1 (starting from Chapter 20) → Season 2 (starting from Chapter 78) → Season 3 (starting from Chapter 123) → Season 4—————————————— Hui Qi was sentenced to death for manslaughter, and by some mistake, he traveled to the world of Tokyo Ghoul. With an ordinary system, he became an extraordinary investigator. The killing was once again rendered on the tip of the knife, and every swing of the sharp blade was a head falling to the ground. Until he met in the 24th district...


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