Food Wars: Shokugeki No Hitotsuki, Crazy Strategy Guide

Food Wars: Shokugeki No Hitotsuki, Crazy Strategy Guide


87 Chapters Ongoing Status


Travel through the world of Food Wars! and be reborn into a famous family.

Qianyu originally wanted to live a lazy life from now on, but after seeing the virtuous Tansho Kei, she changed her mind and thought: “Maybe it would be a good idea to have a sweet love?”

“Oh? Nakiri Alice! I like the white-haired one. A love story between three people seems sweeter?”

Akane Kubo Momo: “Chi…Chiba-kun, it seems I came at a bad time.”

“No, you came just in time!”

Tsk, why are there more and more people? The sugar content is about to exceed the limit!

Wait, there’s also a cooking strategy system? Is this to help me conquer the world’s food? Or…

Erina Nakiri: “Chiba-kun, I…I want to try your glowing food!”

Xiaolin Longdan: “Hey~ cute Qianyu-kun, let the senior have a taste too!!”

“Hehe, don’t be anxious, come one by one~”

Hey, hey, hey! Why did you suddenly burst your clothes? Keep it together!

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