Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning

Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning


146 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Entertainment diary, singing and crying at the beginning

Wang Chao wore a Future Star program and found that the star promoter was Da Mimi. Then, he found something wrong! He got the system, but asked him to write a diary every day. He thought about going up to play a supporting role. Unexpectedly, after singing a song, Da Mimi burst into tears. Next, he found that the female stars in the entertainment industry were getting more and more wrong. On a variety show, one by one, they all came up. Sisi, Ruoba, Zhao Rushi, Naixiao, Liu Tianxian, Zhao Xiaogu, Da Tiantian, Yaya, etc. There are more and more female stars around him, and Wang Chao decided to make the best use of them and shoot some beautiful superheroes with protruding fronts and backs... The Avengers. He didn't expect that in addition to the diary, there would be rewards for making movies... The situation got out of control: "He is a superstar, the highest-grossing director, a composer, a musician, a painter, a car god, a kung fu king... He is a genius, the best in everything!" "He is actually... the richest man in the world!?" "Laser cannon? Artificial intelligence? Powered mecha? Ark reactor? Quinjet? Aerospace mothership? How come they all came true? We thought he was making a science fiction film, but it turned out to be a documentary! A promotional film!" "We blamed him wrongly, he is not trying to pick up female stars, he is actually doing scientific research, he is the backbone of the country!!" When the truth was revealed, the world was in an uproar! China also relied on its series of technologies to stay at the top of the world and look into the universe.


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