Dean, stop being C, your teammates are not worthy!

Dean, stop being C, your teammates are not worthy!


159 Chapters Ongoing Status


Yuan Shen traveled through S5 and joined OMG. In the playoffs, he used the tree to "borrow another 22 seconds from the sky" to delay his teammates to revive, but was ruthlessly killed by the "world's No. 1 ADC". He also asked why he didn't flash to block the hook for him. Afterwards, he posted a post to scold Yuan Shen, which aroused public outrage.
Watching Yuan Shen join IG and drag his teammates to the world stage step by step, the audience was silent.
Yuan Shen: I have come to this point not to prove how strong I am, but to show everyone what League of Legends should be like!
Yuan Shen said so when the FMVP award was presented.
Audience: Tears, stop talking, I will cry if you talk anymore.
"This is the real dean, I can't spray a little."
"You have brought the bottom lane to a height that does not belong to them!"
Fake Yuan Shen: "Don't abandon or give up, Genshin Impact starts!
Real Yuan Shen: "I'm tired, destroy it! Why is it that every time I do something big, my teammates either drag me down or play me?"

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