999 Times Training System

Chapter 80: Jiang Yuechu

Jiang Zhongtian was taken aback for a moment, and Jiang Yuexin's appearance today made him feel a little strange.

"Mother... Mother, she is saved."

Jiang Yuexin bowed her head and said.

Originally, she still had a hint of guilt for Jiang Zhongtian, but Jiang Zhongtian's impatience just now stimulated her again.

"You, what did you say?!"

Hearing what Jiang Yuexin said, Jiang Zhongtian was so excited that he slapped the table.

"If you believe me, go and see your mother."

Putting down these words, Jiang Yuexin turned and left.

Ji Youqing gave a "tsk" and shook his head helplessly. This Palace Master Jiang was really speechless.

He didn't intend to stay here anymore, and left with Jiang Yuexin.

Only Jiang Zhongtian was left stiff there alone, his face was full of shock.

After a while, he gradually woke up.

Thinking back to the words Jiang Yuexin had just said, he almost rushed out the door like crazy.


At this moment, Jiang Yuexin did not return to the hut where his mother was, but wandered around in the city lord's mansion.

"Don't you go back and take a look? Normally, Palace Master Jiang should be close to your mother."

Ji You walked beside Jiang Yuexin and asked while walking.

"no need."

Jiang Yuexin shook her head.

Although she still felt that she hated that man, she knew from her mother that the man had always cared about her.

Once the man saw that his mother really recovered a lot, there would definitely be the kind of nasty scenes that she didn't like very much, so she didn't plan to go back at all.

"No matter what, the result is good. When I refine the'Seven Profound Spirit Pill', it will be perfect."

Ji You said.

"By the way, even the president of the Chaoyang branch has nothing to do with the black evil deadly poison. How did you know that the "Clear Spirit Pill" can alleviate the poison?"

Jiang Yuexin was a little concerned about this question suddenly and asked.

She had heard from Ji You that this "Qing Ling Pill" was a second-rank middle-grade pill, and the famous Chaoyang branch president was a third-rank alchemist. Why didn't she know the "Qing Ling Pill"?

It's not that you deliberately don't want to help, if it's true, it would be damnable.

"Because I should be the only person in the entire ancient city of Chaoyang who knows the antidote to the black evil deadly poison. Even the president of the Chaoyang branch has no way of knowing it. As for how I knew it, that's a secret."

Ji You smiled mysteriously.

Heisha Breaking Poison was caused by the palace lord’s wife who was hit by the black evil palm, and the superior profound skills of the black evil breaking palm were not accessible to the people of Chaoyang Ancient City, even more so. No one knows what method to use against this poison.

I can only say that the system on my body is too powerful, and I can understand the corresponding antidote by just looking at the poisoned person.

"Don't talk, don't talk, meanie."

Jiang Yuexin said "嘁".

"Jiang Yuexin, that person over there should be your sister, right?"

At this moment, Ji You pointed in a certain direction and suddenly said.

Hearing this, Jiang Yuexin immediately looked in the direction Ji You was pointing, and found that it was indeed her sister.

You can see a beautiful girl in a red dress on a martial arts arena not far away, who seems to be practicing a certain sword technique.

Jiang Yuexin's footsteps gradually accelerated, and she had learned about her sister's experience from Ji You's guess, and her feelings for her sister were even more unusual.

"Sister, don't you take a break first?"

Soon Jiang Yuexin came to the martial arts field and shouted to Jiang Yuechu who was practicing sword.

"Why are you here?"

Suddenly hearing Jiang Yuexin's voice, Jiang Yuechu's expression was slightly surprised.

In her impression, her sister dislikes martial arts venues very much, and hasn't been here for a long time.

However, the next moment, Jiang Yuechu's tone changed suddenly, and he said indifferently: "Didn't I say not to call my sister?"


Jiang Yuexin's small mouth was slightly open, as if he wanted to talk but stopped.

At this moment, Ji You, who was following, suddenly said: "Jiang Yuechu, I can probably guess why you deliberately pretended to neglect your sister."

Suddenly, Jiang Yuechu's pupils shrank slightly, obviously because Ji You was right.

But she still insisted: "I didn't deliberately pretend to neglect her."


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