999 Times Training System

Chapter 64: Life and death duel, everyone is completely dumbfounded

"Chen Shao is really awesome, so let that kid do three tricks first."

"Anyway, no matter how many moves the kid will be defeated, even though the kid has defeated Lin Qitian, Lin Qitian is only the nine-fold perfection cultivation base of the body tempering realm, which is far behind Chen Shao."

"That's not it. Chen Yan won without more than three strokes when he even competed with Jiang Yuechu. It must be easy to deal with that kid."


Seeing that Ji You and Chen Yan were about to start a life and death duel, Jiang Yuexin had no choice but to pray and cheer for Ji You silently in her heart.

Ji You was too lazy to talk nonsense with Chen Yan, quietly waiting for the duel to begin.

At this moment, the three major forces sent a powerful old man out to preside over this life and death duel.

The old man leaped onto the ring lightly, standing between Ji You and Chen Yan and waiting for a while.

Then he began to count the seconds.




"The duel begins!"

As the old man fell, Ji You's figure instantly turned into a phantom, and appeared in front of Chen Yan in an instant. Almost no one could catch his figure with naked eyes.

When he came to Chen Yan, he clenched his right hand and punched Chen Yan in the face.

This time he didn't release the water at all, and exhausted all his strength, wishing to smash Chen Yan to death.

Even Chen Yan could hardly see Ji You's movements, but fortunately, his reaction was not bad. Before being hit by this punch, his head turned to the other side.

But he also couldn't avoid Ji You's punch completely. His left ear was rubbed by Ji You's fist peak, as if it was cut by a sharp blade, and there was a fiery tingling sensation.

Not only that, but he suddenly felt some tinnitus in his left ear.

Chen Yan didn't forbid his hand to protect his left ear, hurriedly used his body skills and quickly retreated back, looking a little embarrassed.

At this time, he stared at Ji You, his eyes full of horror.

Why is this kid so fast?

The power is also very weird!

He felt that if he hadn't avoided the punch just now, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Chen Yan, who originally had absolute confidence, became shaken by Ji You's punch.

Before that, he couldn't imagine that he would be afraid of this kid's fist.

As this scene just happened, everyone in the audience was also surprised.

"I...I read it right, what just happened?!"

"Shao Chen unexpectedly fell under that kid's hand, is this impossible?"

"I think it was Chen Shao who deliberately released the water. Although the kid's speed was ridiculously fast, I didn't even see that kid's fist hit Chen Shao."


Most of the martial artists present were not high in cultivation, and they couldn't see Ji You's movements at all.

Only the people of the three major forces and a very small number of audiences with higher cultivation levels have seen the truth of the scene just now.

They all saw it, because the young man named Ji You was too fast, and Chen Yan didn't react in time. The left ear was struck by the young man's punch. It might be too surprised that he avoided his sharp edge.

Let alone Chen Yan, even their seniors were very surprised.

I thought that Chen Yan could crush the boy, but he didn't expect Chen Yan to fall into a disadvantage.

But this was only the first move, and Chen Yan hadn't made a move yet, and they couldn't see how many famous people were. They still felt that Chen Yan had no suspense.

Xuanjie inferior body method.


really interesting.

The beautiful eyes of the woman in the purple skirt stared at Ji You, and the curiosity in the purple pupil became stronger and stronger, as if she became more and more interested in this teenager.

Since everyone else felt that Chen Yan had no suspense, and didn't focus on the duel much, only the woman in the purple skirt could see that Ji You was displaying the mysterious steps.

She was extremely curious about how many secrets this young man had!

At the same time, looking at Chen Yan who was going backwards, Ji You faintly smiled: "Your strength is nothing more than that."

Hearing what Ji You said, Chen Yan's face suddenly became gloomy.

He was about to say something, but found that Ji You's figure suddenly disappeared.

His eyes were startled, and again at that strange speed!

As before, Ji You appeared in front of Chen Yan almost instantly.

He didn't intend to give Chen Yan too much opportunity to breathe, and immediately followed him with another punch to Chen Yan.

This time Chen Yan not only concentrated his attention, he was not as hurried as the first time, but he was also very unconvinced, and he also displayed his mastery of boxing skills against Ji You.

Seeing that Chen Yan actually wanted to use his fists to fight against himself, Ji You couldn't help but smile. This dog was simply overwhelmed.

If the dog continued to dodge, he might still feel a little troublesome.

If you dare to confront him, you are ruining yourself.

next moment.

Just listening to a crisp sound of "click", Ji You's Kanshan fist defeated Chen Yan like a smashing dry fist. Chen Yan's entire fist was smashed into a shape.

Feeling the intense pain from his fist, Chen Yan couldn't help but let out an unstoppable muffled sound.

Had it not been for his self-esteem to support him, he would have screamed out in pain.

His other hand held tightly the wrist of the hand that was directly deformed, as if it could relieve the pain a little.

Chen Yan couldn't help but knelt on his knees, his complexion became extremely gloomy, the facial features that endured the severe pain looked a little distorted, but his eyes were extremely shocked.

He couldn't believe it at all, he couldn't beat the opponent even after using his full strength!

Not only that, but the opponent's strength and speed were so terrifying that he felt terrified.

Seeing this scene on the ring, everyone in the audience was completely dumbfounded. They could hardly believe their eyes.

Everyone was dumbfounded and dumbfounded, and their jaws were almost falling to the ground.


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