999 Times Training System

Chapter 40: Jiang Yuexin's kindness

"Ding! The master has practiced martial arts for one minute, and the experience value of'Martial Arts Cultivation': (4*999 times)..."

It can be heard that the effect of cultivation has doubled again, quadrupling compared to the beginning.

This kind of training effect made Ji You quite satisfied.

At night, I ate grilled fish with Jiang Yuexin, then continued to practice profound energy, and finally fell asleep at night.


It's another new day. Ji Yougang's first move when he woke up was to check his waist injury, and he realized that he had recovered a lot more than yesterday.

Basically, this injury is a minor injury to him, which means he can get out of here.

After Jiang Yuexin woke up, Ji You cooked fish for the last time.

After eating the grilled fish, Ji You hesitated for a moment, and then said to Jiang Yuexin: "I have almost recovered from my injury now, and we can go out."

"it is good."

This time Jiang Yuexin didn't show the same expression as yesterday, and nodded calmly.

Ji You took a deep look at Jiang Yuexin, then got up and walked towards the exit of the underground world, which was also the entrance.

Jiang Yuexin followed Ji You silently, with no emotions on her face, and at the same time she didn't know what she was thinking.

Ji You was walking in the dark cave at this time, and Jiang Yuexin followed him by the corner of his clothes just like last time.

After a long time, they reached the entrance of the cave.

Looking at this familiar place, Ji You couldn't help feeling a little.

Fortunately, I fell here, otherwise if I fell to the bottom of the cliff, I would go to Tie Ding and cool off.

Ji You looked up at the top, and found that it was still relatively difficult to climb from here, the distance was very far.

He flexed his muscles and bones, and then said to Jiang Yuexin: "Go, you come to my back, I will climb up later."

Jiang Yuexin was taken aback for a moment, and then reacted after a while, surprised: "Are you going to climb directly from here?"

"Otherwise, I have nothing else to do, let's go."

Ji You said helplessly.


Jiang Yuexin walked over and lay on Ji You's back, her arms wrapped around Ji You's neck.

"Grab firmly, don't fall down later."

Ji You reminded him, and then climbed up the cliff like a gecko.

But this speed is too slow, he wants to try to use his body skills to see if he can speed up.

After using "Ling Tianbu", Ji You's climbing speed on the cliff suddenly became fast.

At the same time, the speed suddenly became so fast, Jiang Yuexin's hands tightly wrapped around Ji You's neck.

Seeing that this was effective, Ji You continued to use her body skills to climb up.

After displaying his body technique, Ji You climbed to the top in a short time, and then released Jiang Yuexin on his back.

"Finally come up."

Ji You sighed and wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead.

"Then what are you going to do next?"

Jiang Yuexin asked suddenly.

"Of course you are going home, you have already picked that hydrangea."

Ji You said as expected.

"That was not what I meant……"

Jiang Yuexin struggled for a while, and then said: "You might as well stay at my city lord's mansion for a while, so that you are safer."

"This is unnecessary."

Ji You shook his head slightly.

He could hear that Jiang Yuexin was for his good, and wanted him to live in the City Lord's Mansion temporarily, so that he would not be threatened by the Chen Family and the Lin Family.

But he had his ideas, and it wasn't that he didn't trust Jiang Yuexin, but he still didn't know the specific situation of the City Lord's Mansion.

"Forget it, whatever you want, I won't care about you anymore."

Jiang Yuexin looked a little angry.

She was kind enough for this guy, but in the end this guy didn't want to.

Although she didn't know why this guy had offended the Chen family before, but now it is not only the Chen family, but even the Lin family seems to have a bad relationship with this guy.

At the same time, they offended the two big families in Chaoyang Ancient City, and most people couldn't continue to mix in Chaoyang Ancient City. Moreover, this guy was still a helpless lone warrior.

If this guy is willing to stay in her city lord mansion temporarily, then there is no need to worry about the Chen family and the Lin family at all.

"Don't talk about it, let's go first."

Ji You said, "Otherwise, I will leave first. You go back alone?"

After speaking, he strode forward.

"You **** don't go so fast."

Jiang Yuexin immediately followed up.

This neighborhood is relatively close to the inner surrounding area, and she may also encounter the second-grade monster beast like before. If she goes back alone, it will be very dangerous.

Hearing Jiang Yuexin's words like this, Ji You also felt relieved.

Jiang Yuexin always gave him a gloomy feeling before, but now it is finally back to normal.

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